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Best Products for You and Your Newborn Baby Twins

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Whether you and your partner have been trying for a long time to get pregnant, or if the pregnancy is a happy surprise; one thing is for sure. You are pregnant… with twins!

TwinStuff alleviates anxieties of what essentials you will want to have for you and your twin babies. We completed the research for you in finding the must-haves for delivery and for the homecoming of your newborn baby twins.

Preparation, Preparation, Preparation for Your Newborn Baby Twins

Stock up on necessities in preparation for the arrival of your twins. We found the most popular products that you will want to have before bringing your newborn twins home. From furniture to onesies, the following items are ones to buy while expecting the birth of your babies.

Having twins means there are some items that you need to purchase two of, while other products can be shared between the two babies. Decorating the nursery calls for twin cribs. If you only have one crib, or was gifted one; do not fret. One crib will work when your babies are small. As they grow, you will want to be sure to have two cribs to give your twins space to wiggle and move around.

babies' poop smells like vinegar

Along with the two cribs, you will need to have a mattress for each crib. A waterproof mattress pad protects the mattress itself. An added bonus is that the quilting offers extra padding to give your twins a comfortable rest. Machine washable fitted crib sheets come in numerous colors to match the ambience of the nursery.

You will want at least two fitted crib sheets for each crib mattress. This helps by having a clean fitted sheet as a back-up, should you need to change the sheet prior to your designated laundry day.

If you plan on having your twins sleep next to your bed, a twin bassinet will be a great item to have prior to the birth of your twins. A by the bed bassinet allows you to rest with ease, knowing that your babies are safe while asleep. Breathable mesh provides ample amount of airflow and each baby has their own space while sleeping next to one another.

twin baby beds

Letting your babies sleep in a bassinet, next to you allows you to nurse without having to get up and walk in and out of the nursery. Be sure to have at least one twin breastfeeding pillow within your reach. This way you can stay comfortable and do not have to fumble around for everything you need to feed your babies.

Here are additional items to have, prior to the arrival of your newborn baby twins:

It’s Go Time!

When going into labor with twins when to go to hospital as soon as you have contractions. Be sure to contact your doctors to let them know that you are heading to the hospital. Whether you are scheduled for a c-section, or if your water broke, your babies are coming!  Grab your overnight bag and head on over to the hospital or birthing center. Here are a few suggestions on what to have in your bag:

diaper bag for twins


Keep in mind, hospitals provide mesh underwear with huge pads. To stay comfortable, pack your own pads or a pack of disposable underwear. At many hospitals, you will be given other basic necessities. By choosing to bring your own items, such as a postpartum kit, you may feel a bit better having items that you know you have on hand.

If you plan on giving birth to twins naturally, you may want to have something to focus on during labor and delivery. Some moms enjoyed listening to music as they pushed through their natural twin birth. Others had a picture they stared at to distract them from the birthing process. Another thing to keep in mind is if your babies are born early, keep a packed diaper bag with items to comfort you, your partner, and your newborn babies.

Here are some of the items that you may want to pack in your diaper bag:

twin babies

Newborn Baby Twins: Home Sweet Home

Finally, the day has come to bring home your twin babies at the same time! When raising twins, try to keep with the same schedule. Whether it be to stay with the same feeding routines or keeping to the same nap schedule, staying consistent will help when it comes to sleep train. Twins baby bottle feed schedule, or nursing, will help you to save time and energy.

If you are wondering what to do if your schedule changes unexpectedly. For example, you may research how to cope with crying baby when the other twin is asleep. Soothe the one baby with a diaper change or a snuggle. A simple tip like this will help to prevent your twin babies crying at the same time. As soon as things calm down, get back on track to your daily schedule.

More Questions About Having Newborn Baby Twins?

Plenty of moms-to-be who face uncertainties on what products to have readily available for the arrival of their newborn baby twins. TwinStuff helps parents by supplying them with quality products and advice. TwinStuff Facebook Group provides support for the father and mother of twin babies. 

Promoting positivity provides a haven to ask questions and offer suggestions within the group. Take time out for yourself by allowing us to give you excellent suggestions on products that truly work. No longer do you need to spend hours of researching online because we have you covered from pregnancy to the twin toddler years. 


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