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Things Only a Mother of Twins Would Understand

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Being a twin mom has been an amazing adventure. It has taught me so much about myself, unconditional love, and life. As a twin parent we must learn how to be a mom, how to multi task, how to answer a lot of questions, and so much more. Being a new mom to one is tough, so being a new mom to multiples requires talent! Here are 5 things only a mother of twins would understand:

  1. Unconditional love starts at birth (maybe even before)

Twins are truly amazing. Seeing two people show love in utero and at birth reaching for each other is so beautiful to see. I love how much they care about each other. Twins truly teach love and understanding. I remember seeing my two reach for each other before they were born at just 16 weeks. It is a moment that is forever saved in my heart. Twin Love and the Twin Bond is so amazing.

  1. Twin Vocabulary

Most twin mothers hit milestones the first-year. One milestone is learning cryptophasia (a language developed by twins). My twins developed their own words and gestures for their favorite toys, books, and food. After 10 months I was fluent in their Cryptophasia too.

I also learned terms for twins and babies that I never knew existed before I became a twin mom. If you are familiar with these words then you are a mother of twins: singleton, monozygotic, and dizygotic. I never knew a singleton was the word for one baby or that there were more than two types of twins – identicial twins (monozygotic) and fraternal twins (dizygotic). I have now learned about mirror image twins and semi- identicial twins. As well as the different types of fraternal and identicial twins. And now all these terms are common in my vocabulary.

twin clothing

  1. How to handle awkward questions and statements

Do twins run in your family? I have been asked this question over a hundred times since my twins were born. Friends, strangers, co-workers, doctors, and pretty much everyone we see asks me this. The funny thing is not one person asked me this question before I had my twins or asked about my family. As a mother of twins we all know and understand why people ask this question. I just wonder why people need to know. At the store a person recently asked if they were natural or IVF. I was completed shocked because it was different from the normal line of questioning, but I answered anyway. Being a mom of twins has taught me how to handle awkward questions and statements.

  1. Twin Manners

Twins experience life differently in so many ways. I often forget how many social interactions are different until they remind me. My son came home from his first day at school and said “Mom what do you call a brother that is not a twin?” I told him a sibling and we then talked about being a big brother or little brother.

A week later I went into my son’s school and he started introducing me to his friends. He started by saying “this is my friend Mark. He is a sibling. He has someone bigger at home.” He continued to introduce his friends this way. When I asked him why… he said “that is the polite way to introduce people mom. It is how everyone introduces us. They say your name and then talk about your siblings.”

I thought he was so cute and I love that my son now introduces people this way. It is not how people introduce people, but it is how people introduce twins.

  1. The stress of going to the doctor’s office with your twins or running errands.

Terrible Twos and Threenagers are common words used for difficult phases. I also think Out and About with 2 should be one as well. Going anywhere is a challenge when twins are little. It is not an easy task. It requires talent! I often feel ninja warrior should have a challenge Grocery Shopping with Twins. Mastering Out and About with 2 it is such a big milestone for twin moms and deserves to be celebrated!

Being a twin mom has been my greatest blessings. I always feel like twin moms can relate to each other. It is like one big group and I am cheering for you.

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