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Third Trimester Pregnancy with Twins: What to Expect?

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Congratulations, you’ve made it to the third trimester of your twin pregnancy! Good job on hacking the first 6 months of your pregnancy and overcoming the dreaded symptoms that come with it.

But the third-trimester pregnancy with twins is not the time to rest just yet. Right now you need to focus on keeping the healthy development of the fetuses intact because each week closer to full term is vital for the health of your babies.

One thing you might be anxious about is going into preterm labor unprepared. But there is nothing to be worried about because it is quite common for twins to be born at 37 weeks, as opposed to 40 weeks for singletons. In fact, about half of twin pregnancies make it to term, while the rest are born prematurely.

In order to keep things under control and set your mind at ease, you need to closely monitor the fetuses’ development with your doctor, take care of your discomforts and prepare for birth and post-birth.

Our comprehensive guide will help you understand what exactly is going on with your body and your babies during the third-trimester pregnancy with twins and get you ready for the most precious moment of your life.

Third Trimester Pregnancy With Twins: Fetus Development

Once you enter the third trimester in week 28 your babies will be weighing about a kilo and will start gaining weight in terms of muscles, bone bass, and plenty of fat to help them regulate their own temperature once born. In contrast to singleton pregnancies, twins and multiples tend to slow down their growth from around 32 weeks onward simply because your womb won’t be able to handle two or more full-weight babies.

measuring fundal height in twin pregnancy

At the start of this trimester, your angels’ heads and bodies will have formed into the proportions they will have at birth. All of their organs are working with the exception of the lungs, which will start functioning once the babies are out of the womb. In case they’re born prematurely, they will need assistance with breathing at first.

Until week 35 their bones and organs will keep developing to their fullest potential and they will continue to exercise their limbs.

30 Weeks Pregnant with Twins

As a mom-to-be of twins, you are probably aware that there is a high chance of preterm birth when 30 weeks pregnant and onwards. But rest assured that your babies are now far enough developed that they stand a high chance of survival even if they decide to show up for the party a little earlier than expected.

Some of the most common symptoms you’re likely to experience at 30 weeks pregnant with twins include sleeping problems due to your unsettled mind, overall aches, and pains, lack of breath, and heartburn.

We highly recommend you to try the Earth Mama Organic Third Trimester Tea, which is specially blended to prepare you for childbirth and provide you with the pregnancy comfort you need, both physical and mental. It’s formulated by a nurse and a herbalist using 100% organic herbs traditionally ingested to nurture third-trimester bodies and to prepare for labor. Future moms say that they noticed positive effects during the first night of taking it and it helped them battle insomnia by calming their minds and bodies.

Pregnant mother breathing fresh air

Prenatal Tests in the Third Trimester

When pregnant with twins it’s really important to closely monitor the development of your babies with the assistance of your doctor, especially in the third trimester.

What you can do to ensure the health and safety of your babies is run a couple of routine tests every one or two weeks. This allows your doctor to watch for any signs of preterm labor or preeclampsia, which is a complication most common in the last weeks of pregnancy. 

It’s really important to listen to the heart rates of your baby at 30 weeks onward when moving and to gain some information about contractions. These are called non-stress tests and are performed with a monitor. Oftentimes your doctor will suggest doing a biophysical profile, which is a combination of non-stress tests (NSTs) and an ultrasound to check the babies’ breathing, body movements, and muscle tone, as well as, the amount of amniotic fluid.

You are also likely to get a pelvic exam which will allow your doctor to detect any changes in your cervix that might indicate labor, as well as, a group B strep between weeks 35 to 37 of pregnancy to ensure that no group B bacteria is residing in your womb.

Get Ready for the Hospital

The third-trimester pregnancy with twins is the time to start getting ready for the hospital. Have you thought about what you want to bring to the hospital? Most likely not, because that’s the last thing on your mind right now, but it has to be done.

We’ve made you a quick checklist to help you pack your essentials with ease.

Hospital Bag Checklist:

  • Admin stuff: ID, insurance card, and birth plan (if you have one)
  • Comfy clothes for you: PJs, robe, slip-on shoes, stretchy joggers, cozy socks, underwear, going home outfit
  • Nursing bra: Check out the HOFISH 3PACK Full Bust Seamless Nursing Maternity Bras – they come in all sizes and are specially designed for ease of use from 100% breathable material
  • Toiletries: toothbrush/toothpaste, shower gel, lip balm, deodorant, hair tie, body lotion 

Hospital Bag for Twins

  • All the extras: Organic Nipple Butter by Earth Mama which is ultra-moisturizing and soothing, bath towel, reusable water bottle, long charging cord, relaxing entertainment, eye mask, and earplugs, snacks, and drinks
  • Car seats such as the Graco 4Ever DLX 4 in 1 Car Seat which is ideal for infants and will support your twins until their toddlers with a 10-year guarantee
  • Going home outfits for your twins: we absolutely adore the Best Friends Matching Onesies by TiwnStuff, because they’re super fun and comfy, and would look just great on your first family photo at the hospital
  • Babies essentials: bottles, socks and booties, blanket, pediatrician’s contact info
  • For your support person: comfy clothes and PJs, snacks, reusable water bottle, toiletries, pillow and light sleeping bag, entertainment

Even if you forget something, don’t worry, because all that is needed from you is your loving presence.

Third Trimester Pregnancy with Twins: Time to Get Ready

The third-trimester pregnancy with twins is the most crucial period of your pregnancy – you are almost at the final line but you still have to be extra careful and nurturing. At 30 weeks pregnant with twins and onwards your babies are far enough developed to be able to survive a preterm delivery, which is quite common with twin pregnancies.

All you need to do now is have regular check-ups and tests with your doctor to monitor the development of your babies. Take this time to rest and to get ready for the hospital by following our Hospital Bag Checklist.


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