Thoughtful Twin Baby Gift Baskets for Expecting Moms

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Did you hear the good news? A family member, friend, or co-worker recently announced that she is expecting twins! The excitement radiates off the glowing mom-to-be, leading you to be inspired to shop for thoughtful and unique twin baby gift baskets. Where should you begin? What gift baskets will the new mom need or want?

The search is over! We, at TwinStuff, have compiled the best pre-made gift baskets to give to the expecting mom. Or, if you prefer to build-your-own gift sets, we have some adorable and unique baby gift basket ideas that are sure to make the twin mom-to-be smile.

Pre-Made Gift Baskets

Bump Boxes 1st Trimester Pregnancy Gift Box

Give a 1st trimester gift to the new mom, to ease any ailments she may have. The 1st trimester gift box includes a bath bomb and an anti-nausea bracelet. Cute belly stickers and a BPA free water bottle is included within the gift box, surely to bring a lovely smile from the mom-to-be. If the pregnant mom is further along, Bump Boxes make pregnancy gift boxes for the 2nd trimester and 3rd trimester.

Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Gift Set

Burt’s Bees put together three essential items inside of a reusable tin, which is perfect for gifting. Included within the tin is soothing lip balm, belly lotion, along with lotion to help ease pain in the legs and feet. There are no harsh chemicals within the products, as all the items within the gift tin are made out of natural ingredients.

Bella B 3-Piece Gift Set

Pre-packaged gift set will ease any discomfort for the bed-resting mom-to-be. Bella B includes three items that the expecting mom will appreciate. Smooth belly butter, creamy body lotion, and soothing bath powder. All of their products within the gift set are natural and made in the USA.

Gift Box for Mother by Silly Obsessions

Silly Obsessions combined practical and whimsical for their gift box. Inside, there is a candle, necklace, mug, and “If you can read this, give me a foot rub” socks.  The lighthearted saying is on the bottom of the cotton socks, acting as a gripper to prevent slippage.  

Aveeno Baby Essential Daily Care Baby & Mommy Gift Set

Provide care and comfort to the expectant mom and her twins with a gift set by Aveeno. Each item moisturizes skin for hours. Natural oat calms skin irritants and leaves the mom and her twins with soft, smooth, skin.  

Build-Your-Own Gift Baskets for Mom and Twins

Bath Time Fun Gift Basket

Create your own baby basket for twins by starting off with a 4-in-1 tub by The First Years. Conveniently, the tub acts as a clever container to hold items that will please the expecting mom of twins. Items to include are hooded bath towels, washcloths, floating toys, baby shampoo, baby lotion, and baby wash.

Bedtime Basket

Sweet dreams are made within this new baby gift basket for parents and twins. Utilize a baby travel bed as a holder for mom and twin baby gifts. If you know the expectant mom’s favorite color, be sure to surprise her with some comfortable and stretchy pajama and lounge pants in her favorite color. Add twin gifts into the bedtime themed gift basket like sleeper gowns, footed pajamas, or swaddle blankets. Personalized blankets for the newborn twins are perfect for adding finishing touches on the bedtime gift basket.

Twin Baby Gift Baskets

Ready for Reading Gift Basket

Fill a large diaper caddy organizer with books for the expecting mom and her twins. A fun family gift basket new baby idea is to give a book with a hand-written message from you to the twins.  A classic set of Dr. Seuss books with stuffed Thing 1 and Thing 2 characters are a great way to tie in the love of reading into a generous gift.

Clever Twin Baby Gift Baskets Ideas

Two Peas in a Pod Gift Basket

If you don’t know the sex of the twins, surprise the twin mom with a “Two Peas in a Pod” gift basket. Fill green laundry baskets with twin gifts. Celebrate both expecting parents by gifting them with sterling silver keychains, bracelets, or gorgeous necklaces. Pick up two plush travel pea toys, along with green footless pajamas for each twin baby to fill the new baby gift baskets.

Traveling Gift Basket

Soon, the new mom will be traveling with her twins. Give her a head start by gifting essential twin traveling items. Start with a large backpack and pack it with diaper trash bags, wipe containers, waterproof cloth bags, adorable twin onesies, and a set of cotton bibs. Include traveling changing pads inside of the new baby gift baskets, too.

Dining Basket

Help the expecting mom to prepare for family meals with her twins by surprising her with two dining themed new baby gift baskets. Start by using a pantry organizer to hold all the themed gifts. Fill the organizers with baby utensils, bowls, bibs, and bottles.

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Athletic Gift Basket

If the soon-to-be mom enjoys sports, make a one-of-a-kind gift basket featuring her favorite recreational activity. Use a gym bag as the gift bag that the mom can use for years to come. She will be amazed when she opens the bag to see workout toys, baby knee pads, and athletic pants for her twins. Gift a set of compression socks to help alleviate any swelling in the legs and feet the expectant mom of twins may be experiencing.

What about extra ideas for the gift baskets?

Now that you have the mom and twin baby gift baskets, feel free to add in some extra goodies. Items like twin onesies, burp cloths, baby socks or an Amazon gift card. These gifts are perfect to fill in any empty spaces within the gift sets. For more ideas on gift giving for expecting parents, follow TwinStuff blogs and twin-related topics. Inform the mom-to-be about our TwinStuff Facebook Group, where she can meet and chat with other moms that are pregnant with twins. As the pregnancy moves through the trimesters, TwinStuff will be there for every moment along the way.


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