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Cute Ideas for Twin Baby Shower Invitations

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You have the location, date, and its time to pick your twin baby shower invitations. Now, you need to create a twin baby shower invitation to spread the celebratory news! How do you know what to choose? What information should be included on your invitation?

We, at TwinStuff, have some clever and unique ideas on invitations that are sure to compliment any twin baby shower themes that you may have in mind. We consulted other parents of twins in what twin baby shower ideas worked best for them. When you plan a gender-neutral twin baby shower or gender specified shower, it helps to get your guests excited for the big day by sending out invitations.

Twin Baby Shower Invitations: Our Favorites Ideas

You may have stumbled upon Shutterfly twin baby shower invitations to jumpstart your ideas for the invitations. Perhaps you saw Zazzle twin baby shower invitations, but thought they were too pricey for what you were looking to spend. Here are our picks for adorable, affordable, and clever baby shower invitation cards to send to friends and family.

Set of 25 Greenery Twins Baby Shower Invitations

If you are looking for a chic gender-neutral invitation design; these green and gold invitations are ideal for your up and coming twin baby shower. If you are a mom who has kids, you will like the simplicity of these 5”x7” twin baby sprinkle invitations. Green eucalyptus leaves provide room to be creative with your celebration. Simply use green, gold, and crème color scheme for a gender-neutral look and feel. Another option is to utilize the two peas in a pod theme for your twin baby shower. These invitations are made of sturdy cardstock and leave the back blank. White envelopes pair well with these invite cards.

Set of 25 Woodland Animals Baby Shower Invitations

Woodland animals adorn these adorably sweet baby shower invites. The bundle includes 25 invitations, diaper raffle cards, request for a book cards, and white envelopes. This is a worry-free set as everything you need is all within this pack.

Writing on the 4”x6” invitations will be a breeze. Durable cardstock quickly absorbs ink, which prevents the writing from bleeding through the cards. The diaper raffle cards kindly remind your guests to bring packs of diapers to the special day. You will want to send out the “Books for Baby” as these are wonderful mementos to share with your twins for many years.

twins girl babyshower

Ideas for Baby Shower Invitations: Twin Girls

Set of 25 Floral Baby Shower Invitations

Any of your twin girl baby shower ideas will easily match these beautiful baby shower invitations. These work as a baby sprinkle invite or as twin baby shower invitations. The pink and green floral designs present a lovely boho chic theme.

Not only are there 25 cardstock invitations, but also 25 envelopes that conveniently hold the invitations along with additional cards asking for books signed by guests. A diaper raffle card asks guests to bring a pack of diapers to the baby shower. When they do, they enter their card into the drawing in hopes of them winning a prize.

Pink Elephant Girl Baby Shower Invitations

A cute twins invitation is the 20 count of pink and gray baby shower. These quality invitations are a great way of providing details about your twin baby shower. The double baby shower invitations have a matte finish, and quickly absorbs the ink when filling out each invitation. Inside of the envelopes, there is enough room for a diaper raffle ticket and signed books to give to your darling twin girls.

Twin Baby Boy: Cute Shower Invitation

Hallmark Baby Boy Shower Invitations

If you have been searching for a simple and cute shower invitation for boy twins, then these baby shower invitations will be perfect for you. The ten count of twin boy dual baby shower invitations come with ten blue envelopes. The die-cut onesie shape of the invitation can give additional prompts to have twin onesies out for people to sign. Onesies can be worn by your twins and framed after they grow out of the twin-themed onesies.

Twin Boy and Girl: Gender-Neutral Invitations

Baby Shower Invitations Mommy to Bee

Having a themed twin boy and girl baby shower is a fun way of celebrating the arrival of your precious babies. These bee themed invitations are perfect for a large gender-neutral baby shower. 

If you are planning on having a drive-by twin baby shower, then you can use the bee theme and play on the wording of having your guests buzz by. A virtual baby shower can be done the same way. On your twin baby shower invitations, you may include a fun pun for the heading on the online gathering. Invite your guests to swarm on over to your beehive chat room for virtual fun and games.

Set of 25 Baby Sprinkle Invitations

The one-sided festive invitations are a colorful way of announcing the wonderful arrival of your twins. Sprinkles decorate the blank invitations, which make these ideal for either boy and/or girl twins. Cupcakes with sprinkles are a sweet way of adding a creative twist on to your jubilant celebration.

Made in the United States, the 25 card invites come with 25 white envelopes. The 4” x 6” sprinkle invitations have rounded edges. On the back there is plenty of room to write in additional information that you want to share with your guests.

twin baby shower games

Looking for More Ideas for Your Twins Baby Shower? 

Having fun and cute twin baby shower invitations give your guests an insight of the theme and ambience in the up and coming celebration. If you are still searching for additional twin baby shower themes or items to have on your gift registry, check out our additional blogs on TwinStuff.

Gain extra insight and ideas on our TwinStuff Facebook Group. There, we have a community of other parents that are raising twins and multiples. You will find the group to be a breath of fresh air. The friendly group offers support and advice to one another. Have confidence in knowing that we are here to provide quality information to help you and your growing family.

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