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Why Do Babies Laugh in Their Sleep?

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As new parents, you might be delighted to see that your baby laughs in sleep. Moreover, this gives you the impression that your baby is thinking happy thoughts while asleep. But, there are also other reasons why your baby may laugh in his or her sleep.

Also, twins and multiples may do this at the same time while they are asleep which may further lead you to believe about their stronger connection that is beyond simple twin language. Let’s find out in this article.

Do Babies Have Sleep Cycles Like Adults?

Yes, just like adults, babies also have different sleep cycles that they go through during sleep. Moreover, laughing in sleep usually happens in the REM stage of sleep. Generally, all humans go through these sleep cycles regardless of age. Babies are no exception.

However, for babies, you may notice that during their sleep various things happen during the REM sleep. Besides, most babies that laugh in their sleep are in the REM sleep phase. These are the two types of sleep cycles that babies go through:


Reasons Why Your Baby Laughs in Sleep

Babies can dream once they enter the REM sleep cycle. Moreover, these dreams may vary a lot. From night terrors to funny dreams, your baby may also experience everything in between and might act it out during sleep. Besides, the developing brain of your baby is capable of a lot of thoughts at a very young age.

Babies learn quickly and their brains are like sponges that absorb and process the stimuli that they experience around them. Moreover, these thoughts may remain during and after sleep that may cause babies to laugh or cry in sleep.

As babies learn and understand new things about the world, it is not surprising that they may act out some of these thoughts during sleep.

Normal Reflex

Once your baby develops normal reflexes, he or she may start laughing in his or her sleep. Just like any other involuntary movement, a laughing baby during sleep is just one of them. This can be caused by involuntary movement in the facial muscles that cause a baby to laugh or smile.

Baby Laughs in Sleep

Normal reflexes may also be responsible for sleep talking babies. Most of the time normal reflex is normal. Babies are still learning and even in their sleep, they may act out their thoughts or how they perceive things. It is nothing to be worried about as long as you are sure that it is not a seizure.

Is it Normal For Babies to Laugh in Their Sleep?

Yes, it is quite normal for babies to laugh in their sleep while their minds are still developing. Also, this might be attributed to the developing facial muscles of your baby that stimulate a smile or a laugh. However, some babies laugh in their sleep and this usually happens almost the same time that their teeth emerge.

Sleeping babies that laugh in their sleep is normal as your baby grows. However, if it happens too frequently and is accompanied by other symptoms that aren’t normal, it might be a seizure that has to be checked by a pediatrician.

To know if your babies’ sleep laughing is normal, you have to check if other muscle twitching is occurring while your baby is laughing in his or her sleep. Also, if your baby has a history of seizures, you have to check regularly since your baby might be having a seizure during sleep.

baby yawn

Do Babies Dream?

Yes, babies are capable of dreaming. This usually happens when babies are more than 3 months old as they become gradually aware of their bodies and the things around them. Dreams can also be based on your baby’s memory or thoughts.

Besides, dreams can also be how your baby perceives various stimuli. So, it is not recommended to try to shock your baby with sudden movements or sounds as it may be perceived negatively that may be acted on during dreams.

The developing brain of a baby is capable of a lot of things. Babies learn quickly and once babies are past their very fragile stages during the first 3 months, it is then that they become more curious about the world and they become more interested to play. Once babies begin to play and learn to have fun, this is also around the same time that they start dreaming vividly.

Is The Involuntary Movement of Laughing or Smiling Dangerously For Sleeping Babies?

The involuntary movement might not all just be happiness and dreams. Other things are more sinister that may lie in this involuntary movement. Moreover, laughing or smiling babies might be caused by seizures in their sleep.

Even though a laughing baby might not immediately be at risk, you also have to check for other muscle twitching behavior that may last for several seconds that might be an indication of a seizure.

newborn sleeping

Another problem that might be encountered with babies laughing in their sleep is REM sleeping disorder. This is a problem wherein paralysis doesn’t happen during sleep and allows babies to act out their dreams. Moreover, this disorder may cause a baby to laugh, speak, talk, move limbs or shout in his or her sleep. Seizures can be caused by neurological conditions in babies.

The Conclusion: Why Do Babies Laugh in Their Sleep?

When your baby laughs in sleep, you probably get delighted as it gives you the impression that your baby is happy while asleep. However, you have to be wary if you suspect that your baby is having a seizure or neurological condition that is causing your baby to laugh in his or her sleep.

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