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Vintage and Stylish Twin Clothing for Babies

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Your babies deserve to look their best that twin clothing options have to offer. As a twin mom, you may fall down the endless rabbit hole of things for your newborns to toddlers to wear that you may lose track of what you are in need of buying for your twins babies. With numerous options available, what ever happened to vintage inspired outfits for your twin baby girls and boys? The vintage twin look is found online and in shops near you. Read further along as we at TwinStuff have created a take a look at some of the clever and unique ways in which we can help you keep your boy girl twins looking adorable and fashionable.

Twinning Outfits: Girl Twins

Baby girls can look like little fashionistas in a vintage brand, without leaving your bank account empty. Brands producing clothing prior to the 1980’s will have a copyright claim on their clothing labels along with other characteristics such as a lot number and may come in half sizes. Genuine vintage dresses are remade by such brands as Hudson, with adorable cotton dresses and matching cardigan sweaters. The style of these particular dresses imitates those from the 1950’s and have remained current 70 years later.

Compliment the dress with comfortable canvas shoes. These are universal for dressing your twin girls up for parties and pictures, or while enjoying a day at home. Checkered prints and solid colors are sure to go with many outfits that your little girls will be wearing throughout the year.

If you are looking for long sleeve onesies for your daughters to wear, look no further than a three pack of cotton bodysuits by Hudson. Pair with a cute skirt, shorts, or a headband for a retro vibe. An idea for a cute twin baby gift is to ask for a plush poodle to go along with the look. Simple, classy, and cute in a reworked vintage outfit friends and family will adore.

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Twin Clothing: Boy Twins

Swing back to the 1930’s by dressing your twin boys in Hawaiian inspired suits. Throughout the decades, celebrities like Elvis Pressley popularized this casual and relaxed look of the flowered tee shirts with floral leis. To imitate the time for a photo shoot of your cute baby boys, make sure to include some complimentary accessories. These can include items such as Hawaiian leis, Kukui nut bracelets and fashionable sandals.

Get the motor running by pairing basic white short sleeves tee shirts, blue denim jeans and a motorcycle style jacket for your hip baby boys. This look is inspired from the 1950s. This is an adorable look for Halloween or hanging out on the weekends.

When you think of corduroy, you may be reminded of the 1970’s and the fashion styles of that decade. Babies, kids, tween and teens were dressed in corduroy clothing to match the popular look of the era. Dress your baby boys in adorable corduroy overalls. Breathable cotton onesies are great for your twin boys to wear under the soft overalls.

Boy and Girl Twins Matching Outfits

From the 1920s to the 1980’s, vintage twin clothing outfits can easily be put together with a bit of imagination and creativity. Every twin wardrobe should have plenty of onesies, comfortable pants, and cute socks to keep the tiny toes nice and toasty. To help boost a vintage feel, put together your outfits for twins and accessorize with cute props or jewelry.

If you are looking for a commonly themed vintage look, aim for styles from the 1950s. Dress up your girls in poodle skirts and saddle shoes. Simplify the style for your baby boy by fitting him with a white t-shirt and blue jeans. Together, your twins will be the most fashion-forward babies on the social media news feeds.  

Boy girl twins can complement one another by wearing matching outfits. Plenty of boy themed outfits can easily be turned towards a girly style with a splash of color like pinks or purples. Ribbons and bows can doll up an outfit, while keeping a basic look and vintage feel. Corduroy overalls are great for boys and girls. Not only do they have a vintage appeal but are simply styled with basic white t-shirt twin themes, as they match and go with just about everything. Sold in sizes newborn and up, you can never go wrong with a white t-shirt for your twin boys and girls.

If you are unable to find the dream outfit for our desired look, search vintage storefronts online. In person, recycled clothing shops are known for carrying plenty of vintage apparel. When safe to do such, visit a local thrift store to shop around for vintage twin complete looks. If vintage is your daily style, be sure to ask for twin clothing that mirrors such on your baby shower gift registry.

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Parents Vintage Style

Share in the twins’ vintage style by matching their adorable outfits you will have in their closets. Moms and dads of twins can wear floral prints for a sense of relaxation from the 1930s. Fast forward to having a night out on the town by wearing white t-shirts with denim bottoms. Your family will complete the look of the 1950s when out and about as a group. Feeling adventurous and reminiscent of roller-skating rinks? Grab some bell bottoms or corduroys and stroll around the park for an evening of fun and fresh air.

Twin Clothing and More

As a parent of twins, enjoy the fun in dressing up your babies in vintage twin clothing. If you’re stuck on how to drive through the vintage realm, check out our TwinStuff Facebook Group. There, we have a large group of twin parents who are readily available to help with additional vintage ideas. Bookmark our TwinStuff homepage for additional blogs on clever and unique twinning themes. We help guide you through any twin pregnancy questions you may have, along with exciting articles for inspirational ideas on twin baby shower themes. We have you covered for every milestone along the way.

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