8 Twin Costumes for Halloween

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Now that your twins are old enough for the obligatory twin costume shots, you are probably excited about what they’re going to wear. Apart from that, you also have the best excuse to dress them up once Halloween comes along. If you’re thinking of a witty way to dress up your identical or fraternal twin babies, we compiled a list of twin costumes that you will absolutely adore.

Choosing Twin Halloween Costumes

One of the best things about having twins is shopping for two! But before you click buy on the first cute twin baby costumes you see, there are some things that you need to consider:

  1. Material – Babies are quite sensitive so make sure that the material of the costume is hypoallergenic and will not irritate your babies’ skin.
  2. Warmth – Depending on where you live, you should probably choose a costume that is weather appropriate. Don’t buy an overheated costume like a baby mascot set if the weather is too hot or a tiny and thin costume if the weather is too cold.
  3. Appropriateness – Sometimes, costumes can be too witty. Make sure that you don’t buy any offending costumes. Some manufacturers or costume makers may not be as sensitive about their buyer’s outlook.
  4. Size – Before buying a costume, check and see if it fits your babies. If you are buying online, ask the seller for the sizes and the measurements of the costumes. Sometimes, they will see based on age, but it is best to know if your twins will fit into the costumes.

Now that you know what to look out for, here are some examples of crazy adorable costumes for your twins:

Twin Baby Halloween Costumes

Cop Costumes

Your little law enforcers will look absolutely adorable in these Policeman Onesies. When they wear this, they will capture everyone’s hearts. Give them a pair of cop caps and maybe some inflatable batons to complete the set!

Prisoner Costumes

They have the right to remain silent, but their giggles and gurgles will make your heart melt. Grab a couple of plastic tiny handcuffs and maybe even take a photo in a baby play pen with the sign “Jail.” Here’s an idea! Mix and match this with the Cop Costumes for more fun!

Gotham City Squad

These Gotham City onesies will give you more than one option for your twin babies’ costumes. Let them be Batman and Robin, Batman and the Joker, or any combination you want! Not only are these cute costumes, but they’re also perfect for sleeping and days out.

Salt and Pepper Onesies

Delicious little babies in scrumptious onesies that say Salt and Pepper. It’s a classic combination that will give you a lot of photo ops. Take a picture with a toy steak. Put them on the table as condiments. Do what you wish with your salt and pepper babies!

Peanut Butter and Jelly

The best culinary combination on earth. It is also the best costume combination for twin baby girls! The tutus are a nice accent because they match the color of both peanut butter and grape jelly. Now, all you need is a mom or dad in a toaster costume!


Milk and Cookies

What’s more perfect than a box of milk and a huge cookie? Put your twins in these tasty twin costumes and watch the other babies and parents ogle in delight. You may even want to don a glass of milk costume to match your babies!


T Birds and Pink Ladies

And finally, a treat for your fraternal twins. The classic T Bird and Pink Ladies from the famous movie Grease. Watch your babies dance and sing in these adorable miniature costumes from the popular 70’s classic.


Now that you have an idea of some twin costumes for Halloween, don’t forget to send and share your pictures in our group!

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