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100+ Twin Names for Boys and Extra Inspiration

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If choosing a name is a delightful experience for parents to singletons, what more for parents to twins, let alone, twin boys? Naming your very own dynamic duo may be considered an adventure worth exploring. The ultimate goal is to find the best twin names for boys that would sound that they truly belong together.

Naming Twin Boys: Going to the root of it all

We all know how it feels to want everything perfect and this includes choosing our kids’ names. There are a number of ways to name your twins and there are so many popular twin name pairings.

But of course, in any name-choosing adventure, you’d need to be sure of the reasons why you would like to name your twins in a certain way in the first place. Here are some essential questions to ask before making the final decision:

  • Do I really want to declare to the world that my twins are a pair? Should their names really emphasize that they’re twins?
  • Will the names have the same initials? (Michael Louie and Matthew Lawrence)
  • Will the names confuse a twin for another? Will their names sound confusing?
  • When they’re older, will their names standalone?
  • Will they be able to have easy options for nicknames?

Once you’ve given an answer to each of these questions, you’ll get a clearer perspective as to how to go about choosing your twin boys’ names.

Where can I get some inspiration for the best twin names?

One source of inspiration is the twins’ birth order. How does this work? Well, it’s basically naming your multiples alphabetically. The first born twin can have a name that begins with “A,” then the next will have a “B” name. If you have multiples, then this may even go as far as the letter “D.”

Another easy way to come up with names is to go for matching names. This is a preferred option for a lot of parents to multiples but be sure they don’t sound or feel like clones. Each name should still represent a certain sense of individuality while having that special twin connection. With this, it is better not to choose rhyming names.

You can also choose two surnames as your twin boys’ first names. This gives you a lot of room for originality, plus it is a growing trend nowadays. You have a number of really great surnames as options like Cooper, Quinn, Cole, Dawson, and many others. These names give a special x-factor, especially with twin boys.

Stick with a theme when thinking of names for your dynamic duo. What category do you find you or your family most interesting? The theme you choose to base your twins’ names on could be something that reflects the family’s personality.

Common examples of themes for names are royal associations, mythological-inspired, literature-based, artistic associations, nature-inspired, oceanic, precious metal or stones, presidential associations, and so much more.

Of course, whichever option you choose in naming your twin boys, it is recommended that you be able to wait until you see them to make the final decision.

100+ Twin Names for Boys

Cute Twin Boy Names

  • Alex, Nick
  • Austin, Evan
  • Bowie, Cy
  • Brandon and Bryan
  • Broughton, Bailee
  • Cale, Josh
  • Carleton, Cabe
  • Carnell, Cabe
  • Carter, Cash
  • Chase, Chance
  • Christian, Christopher
  • Clover, Cliff
  • Cooper, Kingsley
  • Dan and Nad
  • Daniel and David
  • Daniel, David
  • Darby, Sullivan
  • Darvin, Dace
  • Devron, Cort
  • Dexter, Frank
  • Dontae, Danon
  • Dylan, Cole
  • Elmer, Kevin
  • Erie, Eadric
  • Evan, Ethan
  • Finley, Harper
  • Flynt, Fabian
  • Gideon, Harper,
  • Greg, Gage
  • Harold, Henry
  • Hartley, Lydon
  • Hayden, Hunter
  • Henly, Hadden
  • James, John
  • Jesse, Journet
  • Jett, Jasper
  • Joel, Eli
  • Kendell, Kaidan
  • Landon and Logan
  • Lars, James
  • Lindsay, Ladd
  • Lucas, Logan
  • Mark, Matt
  • Matthew, Michael
  • Parker, Corvin
  • Raffi, Louden
  • Royal, Basil
  • Storm, Sadler
  • Taylor, Tyler
  • Vernon, Vail
  • Victor, Vincent
  • Wayde, Daelan
  • Wiley, Wade
  • Wilkes, Walker

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Twin Boy Names That Rhyme

  • Barrette, Jarrette
  • Bennette, Kenneth
  • Berkeley, Bailee
  • Blake, Jake
  • Brian, Ian
  • Cassius, Lucius
  • Chad, Tad
  • Clark, Markk
  • Daniel, Nathaniel
  • Dario, Mario
  • Darius, Julius
  • Deon, Leon
  • Earl, Burl
  • Ernie, Freddie
  • Everette, Averett
  • Gabby, Willy
  • Jay, Trey
  • Jon, Lon
  • Landon, London
  • Manny, Danny
  • Mason, Jason
  • Melvin, Alvin
  • Michael, Gabriel
  • Rex, Dex
  • Rhett, Brett
  • Richard, Willard
  • Richmond, Radford
  • Sawyer, Royer
  • Shawn, John
  • Titus, Maximus
  • Tripp, Kip

Unique Twin Boy Names

  • Bronwyn Slater
  • Carter, Cash
  • Dacian, Dace
  • Elven, Aeddric
  • Ernest, Roel
  • Ethen, Wyatt
  • Gabrielle, Jaques
  • Holliday, Hadden
  • Isaac and Isaiah
  • Jacob and Joshua
  • Jade, Jayden
  • Jaid, Jax
  • Jerem, Josiah
  • Jevan, Jacey
  • Joaquin, Felipe
  • Jonah, Jemimah
  • Kelton, Kaidan
  • Mann, Mabry
  • Mason, Maddox
  • Orman, Jarred
  • Percival, Paden
  • Phoenix, Lennox
  • Ronaldo, Valentino
  • Roumelle, Russel
  • Santiago, Sebastian
  • Teddy, Angelo
  • Thurmond, Tait
  • Valentine, Ralph
  • Valentino, Matteo

With this interesting list of the best twin names for boys, you can now jumpstart your naming adventure! Just remember that what matters is that the names you choose reflect who you are as a family.

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