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How to Plan an Unforgettable Twins First Birthday Party?

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One year of your life as a new mum and dad of twins has passed and it’s time to throw the celebration both you and your babies deserve to commemorate this. So much has happened within the past year and you’ve gone through the hallmarks of twin parenthood, but now a new chapter of your life begins.

Before you rush into bringing up your twin toddlers let’s honor those cute little moments with your baby twins. So how do you imagine your ideal twin’s first birthday?

You probably are feeling a bit stuck in terms of your twins first birthday ideas – don’t worry, most parents do. Party decor and twins birthday cake are the least thing on your mind when you have double trouble to look after.

That’s why we are here to give you the best twins first birthday party ideas and help you plan the celebration from start to finish.

Twins First Birthday Party: Fun Themes

What good is a party without a theme? Babies and their friends love colorful, glimmering objects and dressing up. And not going to lie, but parents love it, too.

The directions twin birthday parties can take are endless, but in order to know what theme to choose for your twins party you need to focus on what your babies love the most. Think about which is their favorite TV kids show, animated character or a song.


It goes without saying that a girls’ first birthday will most likely involve princesses such as Elsa from Frozen, unicorns, the color pink and adorable tut-tuts. If you are having twin boys, then a Jungle Safari, Toy Story or Cars theme would be ideal.

In case you have boy and girl twins, you might want to go for something more unisex, such as a pink and blue theme, a Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse one, or a kitty and puppy twins party theme. Having twins means you can play around with the theme and make it extra entertaining for everyone – think thing one and thing two!

Joint Party Invitations

One you’ve selected your perfect twins first birthday theme, it’s time to work on the invitations. Who are you planning to invite? Is it just your twins’ friends and their parents, or are you having the whole family around for the celebration?

The design of the invitations can either match the twins party theme, or you could go for something more universal. For girls twins first birthday invitations we recommend you the Magical Unicorn Party Invitations that you can fill in and customize. The best thing is that these invitations are eco-friendly and are made with a laser printing technology, so that you can have fun while preserving the planet.

You can also add a personal touch to your joint party invitations by helping your angels draw an image and decorating them with glitter and stickers. This Happy Birthday to Me Stickers Roll gives you a variety of fun options you can play around with, and you can put them on literally every party decor.

Twins Birthday Cake

The most exciting and delicious part of any party is the birthday cake. Because you have not just one but two birthday babies, you can purchase or make a split twins birthday cake, where each part is customized for each twin baby. For boy and girl twins you can have it in pink and blue, for example.

twins birthday cake

Another option is to get two small cakes, so that each twin baby can blow their own candles. Additionally, you can get small cupcakes to match the bigger one and the birthday party themes. That way you are also integrating the guests and making them feel extra special. If you decide to go for the Magical Unicorn Party Invitations for your twin girls party why not match them with this Unicorn Cake Topper with Eyelashes? It comes with a set of ears and 7 flowers to go with your unicorn cake.

The twins birthday cake is a great way to make you twins bond by asking them to think of a joint wish before blowing the candles and not let anyone know what it is. Challenge them by putting some tricky candles and ask them to take turns in trying to blow them off.

We all know how messy the birthday cake adventures can get, so it is definitely worth getting some matching bibs for your babies. A super fun and charming option that will leave everyone in awe is the Drinking Buddies Matching Bibs by TwinStuff.

The Best Twins Outfits

Your twin babies are the life and soul of the party and you will want them to look astonishing. If your twins birthday party theme allows it, you can dress them in special costumes to make them really stand out. There are tons of options out there, you just have to be creative!

If you decide to go with the unicorn theme for twin girls, then you should definitely dress your little princesses in the Tutu Dreams Sequin Unicorn Dress, which is the perfect final touch to the whole theme. It’s made out of sequin and we all know that girls adore sparkly things. Plus, it comes with a super cute unicorn headband to complement the look.


To make things even extra special, you can match your outfit with that of your twins and you will be sure to be voted best mom of the year!

What About Twins Gifts?

Your guests are probably going to be wondering whether they should get one joint gift for your twins, or two separate ones. While twins love sharing they are most likely going to enjoy having their own personalized gifts. It’s best to let your guests know what your babies would prefer.

This is also your chance to stock up on essentials, so do let your loved ones know what your twins are in need of, such as diapers, gentle cloths, toys, clothes, etc.

birthday twins

The best part of gift giving is gift opening. Why don’t you ask your twins to take turns opening their gifts, while you take photos to commemorate this special occasion? You can make a little birthday photo album to show your angels what little innocent sweethearts they used to be once they become teenagers.

Twins First Birthday Ideas: Celebrate the Best Year

There is nothing more special than your twins’ firsts, and your twins first birthday is one of those things you will never forget. That’s why you want to throw an amazing party that your twins, your guests and you are going to love. You probably don’t have much time to plan, that’s why we’ve taken things into our hands and have provided you with a comprehensive guide on planning the best twins first birthday ever: from choosing the theme and the invitations, to planning your twins outfits and birthday cake. It’s time to celebrate the best year of your life!


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