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11 Weeks Pregnant with Twins: Ultrasound, Symptoms, and More

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You’re 11 weeks pregnant with twins! You’ve made it through the rough patch. Pretty soon, everything’s going to start getting so much better.

Your morning sickness will drop off, you’ll have a bit more energy, and after that, your babies will have grown big enough for you to feel them flexing and kicking.

Exciting times are coming. All you’ve got to do is make it a couple more weeks. But what about this week?

Twin Pregnancy Symptoms at 11 Weeks

A single fetus at 11 weeks

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Your Twin Babies at 11 Weeks Pregnant

Baby’s growing super fast now. They’re about the size of a lime! Almost 1.6 inches long, and they probably weight a quarter of an ounce.

Bear in mind, if you’re having twins, they’re probably going to be a little smaller than this. That’s completely normal, and not something to worry about.

Whilst you can’t tell gender from the outside yet, boys will be producing testosterone, and girls will actually have tiny little ovaries already.

Hair follicles are definitely forming now, starting with the crown of the head and spreading over the rest of their tiny bodies. You’re also starting to see finger and toenail beds, if not finger and toenails themselves.

Your baby also has a diaphragm now, which can cause them to do what’s possible the cutest thing in the whole world. Tiny little hiccups!

Because of their developing muscles and bones, your growing treasures are starting to become little acrobats in there, doing flips and curls, as well as regularly straightening out and curling up on themselves.

You won’t be able to feel any movements for several weeks, at least, but it’s all completely visible on scans.

Twin Pregnancy Symptoms at 11 Weeks

Only a couple of weeks to go before you’re out of the first trimester. It’s normal for your body to settle down at around that point, so it’s fair to say you’ve probably only got a week or two or this struggle left.

  • Tiredness and fatigue: Your whole body is changing, and you’re absolutely exhausted. But you’re getting there. Only another couple of weeks, so get as much rest as you can and power through it. It gets better. Promise.
  • Nausea: Some women are still getting morning sickness this late, and other women simply feel nauseous and ill all the time. Either way, it should start abating soon, so keep doing what you’ve been doing.
  • Mood swings: You’ve still got the same hormonal issues, so do what you can to relax. If you haven’t already, get some ‘me time’ and maybe try something relaxing, like yoga or meditation.
  • Cramps: You can still be getting uterine and round ligament cramps, but another plague might strike, which is leg cramps! They’re more likely to hit you at night, as you’re resting, and can make it hard to sleep, so make sure to drink lots of water and stay hydrated to stave it off as much as you can.
  • Heartburn and constipation: When morning sickness ends, you can have these lovely symptoms to look forward to. It’s still hormonal in cause, and the best way to deal with it is the same as others. Healthy eating and lots of rest.
  • Gas and bloating: This is all to do with progesterone. It makes smooth muscle tissues in your body relax, so that all the changes run much smoother, but it also causes your stomach and intestines to slow down digestion, which in turn causes an uncomfortable fullness after eating and more unpleasant gas. Calm it down by eating smaller meals more often, and not eating anything that you know causes you issues.
  • Vaginal discharge: Increasing levels of hormones like estrogen are going to make discharge a growing problem as you go through a twin pregnancy, so it might be worth grabbing some panty liners, as well as cracking out the old undies!
  • Linea nigra: Or the dark skin line. You’re going to wake up one morning with a dark line running straight down your belly, over your navel. It’s completely normal, and it’s a hormonal change that causes increased skin pigmentation. It’ll fade after you give birth, but might stick around a little while longer if you breastfeed. Either way, it’s absolutely nothing to worry about.

11 Weeks Ultrasound Twins

It’s normal to undergo a first trimester blood screening test at around the 11th or 12 week.

Expect this to be an ultrasound as well as a blood test, plus things like a nuchal transparency test to check for genetic abnormalities like Down’s syndrome.

This test will also show you whether your twins have one placenta or two, which is where you’re going to find out whether you’re having identical or fraternal twins! So it’s an exciting time!

This is also the time that your doctor will find out whether your twins are going to have any pregnancy issues, for example, if they’re mono mono.

Things to Do This Week for a Healthy Pregnancy

  • Relax. Once you’ve had your scan and heard the heartbeats of your twins, the chances of miscarriage drop massively. You’ve made it through the risk period, and hopefully everything should go smoothly from here.
  • You’re probably exhausted, because your body is in overdrive forming your babies placentas and making all the necessary changes for the coming weeks. The good thing is that once you hit the second trimester, all of this should change and it’ll get easier. (At least for a few weeks.) So relax as much as possible, keep eating healthy, and exercise if you feel up to it.

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Are You 11 Weeks Pregnant with Twins?

You’re almost out of the first trimester. Keep at it, and make sure you’re looking after yourself as best you can.

If you’re reading this, and you’ve got any tips for moms to be, either because you’ve been there before, or it’s working for you right now, be sure to let us know in our comments.

We love hearing from all our readers! How do you feel at 11 weeks pregnant with twins?

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