Buying on a Budget for the Best Baby Shower Gifts for Twins Boy and Girl

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If a friend or family member is pregnant with twins, you will likely be invited to their twin baby shower. Baby showers are a fun way of celebrating the arrival of a baby, let alone two babies for twin baby shower. Budgeting and planning for the exciting day is of major importance to you and other guests in attendance. Expecting parents understand this, and most likely have fixed their gift registry to accommodate for items within realistic financial means, along with some inexpensive extras.

TwinStuff reviewed some of the best baby shower gifts for 2018, 2019 and 2020. We, also, asked experienced twin parents for their favorite gifts that they received at their baby showers. We found out what their favorite thrifty gifts were, along with ideas on what they wish they would have put onto their twin gift registry. Based upon the information, we put together a list of the best gifts for twins and unique baby shower gifts for mom to be when shopping on a budget.

Best Baby Shower Gifts for Twins Boy and Girl: Gifts Under $25

When shopping for the best baby shower gifts for twins boy and girl, you should not have to choose between value and quality. There are plenty of twin baby gifts that are durable and reasonably priced to stay well within your price frame. Twin parents raved about the following as being some of the best baby shower gifts for unknown gender of their twins.

Soft and cuddly plush twin elephants accompany the “We Are Twins” book. Colorful illustrations and fun rhyming storyline make this an adorable twin baby shower gift to give. This is a great goodie for expecting parents and their boy girl twins at the up and coming baby shower, or for a gender reveal gift.

Best Baby Shower Gifts for Twins Boy and Girl

Twin babies will be entertained when wearing colorful animals and fun patterns. Twin parents like that their twins are learning while having fun. These are a perfect fit for newborn twin babies up to 12 months of age.

Unique baby shower gifts for mom to be are subtle accessories to announce the exciting new of being pregnant with twins. Made of stainless steel, the jewelry and keychain won’t tarnish or change color.  Mom of twins have found these gifts are ones they can cherish for a long time to come.

Onesies make for some of the best baby gifts. Cute and comfortable, twin onesies give those who read the clever sayings a good laugh. These are ideal baby gift sets unisex twins, boy twins and girl twins.

Gift sets of machine washable bibs make cleaning a breeze for parents of twins. Cotton bibs are breathable and great at protecting twin outfits. Parents will enjoy taking pictures of their twin babies wearing the sweet bibs and posting the pictures on their preferred social media accounts.

twins wearing matching bibs

Gifts Under $50

Twin babies enjoy relaxing on their own lounger. Many parents found this to be the best baby shower gift because they can supervise one baby, while caring for the other twin baby. Another feature is that the lounger is portable and machine washable.

Twin parents want their twin babies to be safe and entertained while traveling on the road. To keep parents focused on the road ahead, car mirrors allow parents to glance at each twin baby. Babies love car mirrors because they see their reflections and enjoy the soothing music produced by the mirror.

best convertible car seat for twins

Thoughtful gifts for both expecting parents of twins are always welcome. Parents will enjoy using their mugs, while they sip on their favorite tea or coffee. The ceramic mugs will remind them to take time to relax for a few moments.

When visiting friends and family; parents of twins can rely on a portable bassinet for each of their babies. Mesh panels and a cushy pad provide parents peace of mind while their babies sleep comfortably in their own bassinet. These are ideal for babies up to three months of age, or weigh under fifteen pounds.

A customized gift pleases parents, especially one that is soft and cuddly.  If you know the names of the twin babies, this will be one of the best baby shower gifts for the expecting Mom and Dad to receive. The twins will enjoy snuggling with the adorable teddy bear and blanket for many years to come.

Group Gifts Over $50

Items that are over $50 can be given as a gift from a group of guests. If possible, reach out to others who are attending the twin baby shower. Ask if they would like to go in on a group gift. Twin parents have said that walkers, diaper bags and nursing pillows are marvelous group gifts to give at twin baby showers.

Other gifts to collaborate on include gift cards, baby monitors, adjustable baby gates and play yards. Going in on a group gift provides an opportunity to give the expectant parents pricier items that they may not be able to purchase on their own. Cribs, double strollers and car seats are a few other examples that twin parents have received from guests at their baby shower.

Newborn Twins Baby Shopping List

Best Baby Shower Gifts

You will feel better by staying on track within your financial budget. Be confident in knowing that you are giving gifts that other twin parents were happy to receive. Be sure to give the twin parents the link to TwinStuff, as we are always posting new and exciting blogs. We share tips that have worked for other twin parents in the past and the present. Provide the expecting parents the link for the TwinStuff Facebook Group, too. They will be grateful to receive additional advice from experts who are there to help them along for every step of the way. 


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