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Clever Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Newborn Twins and Expectant Parents

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Did you receive an invitation to attend a special baby shower, but unsure of what gift to give the expectant parents of newborn twins? Thankfully, we have the insight of what expectant parents of twins need for their expanding family. Here are a few unique twin baby gift ideas for twin girls and boys, along with surprises for the mom-to-be.

Gear for the Road for Cute Twin Babies

Parents of twins appreciate items that help them when they are on the road with their babies. Whether they’re going out to run errands or traveling long distances; packing with twin baby gear can be complex. Ease the hassle by gifting them with a diaper bag backpack.  This gives parents the freedom of using both hands to tend to their newborn twins.

diaper bag

If there is a big ticket item, such as furniture or car seats; guests tend to go in on a gift together. Car seats and carrier covers are phenomenal gifts to give for the up and coming twin baby shower. The expectant parents of twins will be in awe of the thoughtful presents.

Other traveling gift ideas for newborn twins include carrier canopies that convert to an adorable breastfeeding cover. The twins baby gift protects babies from harmful germs, the sun and inclement weather. While breastfeeding in public, the baby carrier cover gives the twin mom privacy and uninterrupted feedings.

Diaper changes can be a hassle for parents of twins. Help to ease their worries while out and about with a traveling changing pad. There are plenty of pockets to hold the essentials for each twin, while away from home. If parents enjoy going out to the beach, parks, or other recreational areas; consider purchasing a portable changing station. They can easily change each baby’s diaper almost anywhere.

If you know that the expectant parents shop in bulk, or that they will be once the twins arrive; be sure to give a double shopping cart cover. The warehouse stores have the best shopping carts for twins. Unfortunately, the carts can be uncomfortable for the twins. A shopping cart cover cushions baby bottoms, along with being a barrier from germs.

Must-Haves for Home and More Twin Baby Gift Ideas

Thankfully, baby shower gifts for twins boy and girl come in pre-arranged sets. Twin baby gift sets are great to give because items are all together in either a decorative case or basket. Home essentials, such as bath time sets make great gifts for twin boys and girls because you know the expectant parents will put the items to good use. 

Bath time can be a bit crazy for parents of multiples, especially when their babies are unable to sit unassisted. Surprise the parents with a lightweight bouncer. Parents can use the portable bouncer in the bathroom, to assist on double bathing when the twins are unable to sit by themselves. As one baby is being washed, the other twin can relax in the bouncer next to their doting parent. When the bath is finished for one twin, the parent can switch the babies by placing the freshly bathed baby in the bouncer while the other twin is getting cleaned. After the twins are bathed, parents can wrap their bundles of joy in cozy towels or comfy bathrobes.

Cute Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Twins and Moms

Living rooms are a common space for families to kick back and relax. Expectant moms of twins are especially in need of some rest and relaxation. A glider chair and ottoman come in many shades, sure to compliment any living room. Moms enjoy this gift because of the comfortable cushions and soothing movement of rocking back and forth in the chair.

Pack and play yards are another essential piece of furniture for parents to have in their living room. Especially if the nursery is up the stairs from the living room. By having this item in a common area, parents have the flexibility to do things around the house, while their twins rest nearby. Easy to clean, pack and play yards make it easy for parents to quickly change diapers. Be sure to gift a diaper pail and refill bags. This will block out any unwanted odors lingering throughout the main room.

Ways to Pamper the Expectant Mama

Showers are not just about purchasing twin baby gifts, but also caring for Mom. Expectant moms of multiples can experience back pain as their bellies grow. A proper maternity belly band will support the mom’s back, while alleviating pressure on the pelvic bone. After pregnancy, moms feel better wearing a belly band as their bodies recover from the birth of their beautiful babies.

To help Mom with her growing belly, be sure to give her soothing lotion she can apply many times throughout the day. Lotion helps to prevent the majority of stretch marks, along with easing discomfort she may be experiencing. 

Twin baby Pregnancy

Other Great Gifts for Twins and Their Parents

Delight the parents of twins with darling onesies and cloth bibs. Breathable and soft, onesies and bibs are easy to wash and reuse when needed. Burp cloths are another gift to add-on for the up and coming twin baby shower.

Some guests may run across used twin baby items for sale.  Be extra cautious, should you decide to go this route. There are great finds on gently used twin items. Before spending your money, check with the expectant parents if they are okay with receiving pre-loved gifts.

Babies don’t come with instruction manuals. However, a best-seller book makes a great reference guide for parents of twins. If parents are unsure of something, they can find plenty of answers and advice through trustworthy reading materials.

More Information for Parents

Check back on TwinStuff, as we have additional information for parents. Informed parents of twins come together on our Facebook group. Having a haven for parents to openly discuss their personal experiences is extremely helpful.

It may take a village to raise the twins, but it only takes one online source to become a go-to website. That is where we come in. We, at TwinStuff, will be here for every milestone of the way. 


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