Amazing Baby Shower Gifts for Your Twin Nursery: Registry Findings for Baby Boys and Girls

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Are you planning your baby shower and in search of the best baby shower gifts for twin girls to have on your registry? Are you seeking the top baby shower gifts for twin boys? You’re in luck because we have the best baby shower gifts for twins to have on your registry.  

As the expectant parent of twins, you should relax and enjoy your pregnancy. Don’t feel overwhelmed with items that you and your babies will need. Instead, prop up your feet and rest. We, at TwinStuff, are here to take away the stress by knowing the best baby shower gifts for twins boy and girl to put on your registry. We have the ultimate guide of what you will need inside your twin nursery for boys and girls!

Essentials for the Nursery: Baby Shower Gifts for Twins

Many expectant parents have ideas on how they want to decorate and design the nursery. However, they are unsure of where to start and if they need two of everything. When it comes to some things, yes, you will see that doubling some items are essential for your twins.

Twin Nursery Ideas

Don’t be shy about adding furniture, like cribs, on to the baby shower registry. A perk of having them on your twin baby registry is that guests can see the color and theme you desire for the nursery. This gives a great insight for your baby shower guests. They can see the colors of the furniture and the preferred décor.

The Dream on Me Jayden 4-in-1 Mini Convertible Crib and Changer comes in multiple colors that are sure to compliment many nurseries. Ideal for smaller spaces; this 4-in-1 crib grows with each baby. The changer is adjacent to the crib, which makes it convenient for overnight diaper changes.

When purchasing a new crib, you will want a mattress to go with it. Dream on Me makes the 3″ Spring Coil Mini / Portable Crib Mattress. Lightweight and breathable, the mattress is perfect for each twin’s convertible crib. Be sure to protect the twin mattresses by registering for mattress pads. Twin boys and girls will sleep soundly on their new beds. The American Baby Company makes fitted sheets for portable and mini cribs. They come in an array of colors and offer packs of one, two or three fitted sheets.

If you have a lot of room, a must-have is the Kalani 4-in-1 Convertible Crib by DiVinci. This crib converts to a full-sized bed for each twin as they grow. It’s a smart investment to have on your registry. Be sure to add on a matching 6-drawer dresser for plenty of storage space. If you plan on using the dresser as a changing table, DiVinci makes a removable changing tray for quick diaper changes.

More Great Gifts for Twins

When the twin babies need to have their diapers changed, a contoured changing pad provides comfort for each twin baby. Changing pads are waterproof and easy to clean.  As a friendly reminder, you will want to put changing pad covers on your registry. Keep these covers nearby, as accidents will happen. Simply remove the cover, wipe down the changing pad with disinfecting wipes, and place a new pad cover. These wipes come in handy for quick clean-ups on most surfaces.

Types of Diaper Rash

Smells from used diapers are controlled with diaper pails. Playtex makes the infamous Diaper Genie. It has air clamps to lock in the smell, leaving the nursery smelling fresh. Refillable pail bags help to hold in the smells and are nice add-ons for your registry.

Other essential items to have on your registry are diapers and wipes. As your twins grow out of specific size diapers; any unopened diaper packages are often exchangeable for the next size up. Unused diapers, from opened packs, are accepted as donations for families in need.  

Fun Findings for the Nursery

If the nursery is far from the kitchen, consider having a mini refrigerator in the room. Portable fridges are great for storing  breastmilk, formula, or a refreshing beverage for yourself. A double bottle warmer brings the chilled milk to a safe temperature for late-night feedings. Here is an expert tip for twin parents using bottles to feed their babies overnight; prep bottles with formula or breastmilk before going to bed.

Place the bottles in the refrigerator to have on-hand. This saves you time from shuffling to the kitchen, measuring formula or breastmilk, and walking back to the nursery. By having everything on hand, you are able to spend more time with your twins.

Baby monitors are a necessity for any nursery, but what about a sound sleeper and night light to lull your babies to sleep? To save space, Hatch Baby has a compact lamp and sound machine that is sure to soothe your babies for years to come. The multi-functional nightlight has an inventive feature that allows you to control the functions from your smartphone or device.

twin baby monitor

This allows you to easily brighten or darken the lamp, along with lowering or turning up the soothing sounds. As your twins grow, waking them for school will be easier by setting the timer for them to rise and shine.

Keep the adorable onesies nice and neat by having a closet organizer set on your baby shower registry. Hanging clothes in order by sizes, or colors, is made simple with the use of dividers on a closet rod. Bins are great for storing socks, bibs, burp cloths and other nursery essentials

Peace in the Nursery

Now that you have the essentials and fun findings on your baby shower registry; be sure to check out our additional posts on TwinStuff. We have more lists of the best baby shower gifts for twins that provide additional options to add on your registry, along with featured articles on pregnancy, birthing, and newborns.

Whether you’re having a boy and a girl, or twin boys, or twin girls; we are here for you. These moments are precious and meant to be enjoyed. Rest assured, we have the best guides to help you and your expanding family.


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