Top 15 Inexpensive Registry Gifts for Your Twin Baby Shower

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Expecting twins is exciting and a bit overwhelming, especially if you are on a tight budget. You are in luck because we, at TwinStuff, have a list of the top 15 inexpensive gifts for twin babies boy and girl. Kick back and relax, knowing you are in good hands with our recommendations on everything from diaper bags to toys. These are twin supplies you will need to have on your baby shower registry.

Gifts for Twin Babies Boy and Girl: Our 15 Picks

  1. Diapers and Wipes

Guests may come bearing diapers and wipes to the baby shower. Inform them of the preferred diapers and wipes you would like to have for your twins. Whether you register for disposable diapers or reusable diapers, be sure to register for the other diaper essentials. Such items are diaper rash cream, diaper pails for disposable diapers and cloth inserts for cloth diapers.

Baby Shower Gift Pampers Diapers

  1. Maternity Belly Bands

If you do not have a belly band, you will want to put one on your registry. Maternity belts offer relief to your back and hips by adding support around your growing belly. Multiple colors provide the best look under your maternity clothes.

  1. Comfortable Pants for Maternity and Post-Pregnancy

As a pregnant mom of twins, being comfortable is a must. Sweatpants with drawstrings, and yoga pants with a fold over waist bands, add options for you to wear while pregnant and after delivery. This gives you fashionable pants to wear for many months to come.

  1. Breastfeeding Essentials: 

When breastfeeding your twin babies, you want to feel relaxed. To make things pleasant, register for a twin nursing pillow.  This provides you support for your back, along with keeping your twins in preferred positions for you to safely nurse them.

tandem breastfeeding twins

  1. Bottle-feeding Necessities

You want to have bottles that are durable and reliable for your twin babies. Asking for multiple quantities of baby bottles, or registering for a gift set of bottles, will make feedings easier. You can sanitize bottles, while you use the clean bottles to feed your newborn twins.

  1. Twin Outfits

There are never enough onesies to have on your registry. For boy girl twins, soft and breathable pants to pair with the onesies will keep your babies cozy. Twin baby gift sets that include onesies within the assortment of other twin clothing, are wonderful gifts to receive from guests at your baby shower.

  1. Burp Cloths

Prepare for drool by stocking up on twin baby gift sets of burp cloths. Organic cotton works best for those with sensitive skin. Ultra-absorbent burp cloths helps to keep moisture away from you, as you burp your newborn twins.

  1. Unisex Bibs

Protect your twin boy and girl outfits with adorable bibs that have cute sayings. Cloth bib sets are easy to care for by being machine washable. While silicone bibs are wipeable and perfect for your growing twins.

twins drinking milk from bottles

  1. Pajamas for Your Twins

Some great gift ideas for newborn twins are cotton sleeper gowns. Breathable, organic, cotton allows for each for your twins to have a comfortable night rest. You will want to register for footed pajamas and ones that are footless. Be sure to have multiple sizes on your twin registry. By registering for larger sizes, you are thinking ahead and preparing for your babies as they quickly grow.

  1. Books for Yourself

Enjoy some quiet time by reading well-acclaimed books on pregnancy and nutrition. Books on what to eat, to maintain a proper diet, can provide additional recipes you may not have thought of. Along with books on pregnancy to answer any common questions you may have on a daily basis.

  1. Books for Your Twins

A unique baby gifts for twin girls and boys is to register for books. Instead of asking for guests to bring cards, ask them to purchase a book from your twin registry. Guests can leave a message inside of the book for your twins, creating a lasting memory for you to share as your twins grow older.

  1. Play Mats

Your twin babies will love playing on their own play mat. One benefit to registering for play mats is that they are portable, making it convenient to keep your active babies moving when visiting friends and family. Another feature of having play mats on your registry is that they adapt to your growing babies.

play mats for twins

  1. Diaper Bags

Finding a sturdy diaper bag is a definite must, as you will need it to accommodate for all that your twins will need when out for the day. Backpack diaper bags are phenomenal because you have free use of your arms. Messenger bags work well if you plan on clipping bag hooks on to the double stroller.

  1. Baby Carrier Covers

If you plan on going out a lot with your twin babies, be sure to register for a couple of covers. Covers are great for baby carriers because it provides a barrier from airborne pathogens encountering your little ones.  As an added bonus, they can double as breastfeeding covers.

  1. Toys

Fun baby shower gifts for twins boy and girl are toys. Your twin babies will love toys that play music, have bright colors and make silly sounds. Register for bath time toys to entertain your twins in the water. Soft toys with rattles and cute animals are sure to keep your twins active. Sensory toys help your babies to sharpen their skills and work on their motor skills.

Cute Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Twins and Moms

Find More About Twin Babies 

Your twin baby registry does not have to break the bank. Turn to TwinStuff for additional ways to save, along with interesting blogs that offer additional ideas from knowledgeable parents of twins. Join our TwinStuff Facebook Group to chat online with other twin parents who are going through the same achievements you and your family are experiencing.

Participate in the group chats by asking questions or responding to posts. Throughout the many milestones of your twin babies, stay informed of upcoming, adorable, and unique necessities for your twins. Relax and rely on us to help you every step of the way.

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