12 Baby Shower Registry Gifts for Twin Baby Boys and Girls

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Made with love, filled with joy, congratulations on your twin girls and boys! Preparing for one baby is exciting, let alone the happiness when finding out that you are pregnant with twins. Wondering what to put on your baby shower should not be a taxing experience. That is why we, at TwinStuff, have put together a list of twelve gifts you will want to have on your twin baby shower registry.

We have twelve gifts for twins, along with suggestions from experienced parents of twins. We, also, researched the most sought-after gifts that parents want to receive at their baby shower. We will be covering the basic items for your newborn twins to some of the most unique baby gifts for twins boy and girl.

  1. Travel Toys for Twins: Practical Gifts for Twin Baby Boys and Girls

Keep your twins occupied as you travel around town. Many toys can clip onto a baby carrier and double strollers. This prevents the toys falling on to the ground and out of reach.

Our Picks:

play mats for twins

  1. Mirrors

While driving, you need to keep your focus on the road. Having mirrors in the back allows you to see, without turning around. As an added bonus, your twins will enjoy seeing their reflection.

Our Picks:

  1. Baby Monitors

Watching over your twins is a full-time job. Rest with ease by registering for hi-tech baby monitors. Many monitors allow you to talk to your babies, have night vision, and alarms. Those are only a few of the amazing features on today’s baby monitors.

Our Picks:

twin baby monitor

  1.     Twin Baby Gift Sets

Registering for unique baby gifts for twin girls and boys include beautiful gift sets. Guests will enjoy having this as an option because items you would like, or need, are put together in a decorative box or basket.

Our Picks:

  1. Diaper Bags

A day out with your twins means you need a durable and large diaper bag. While remaining stylish, today’s twin diaper bags are fashion forward and versatile to meet every twin parent’s needs.

Our Picks:

diaper bag for twins

  1.     Twin Outfits

Plenty of guests will want to bring charming twin clothing to your baby shower. Give your family and friends gift ideas for newborn twins by registering for outfits you would like to see your babies wear. Be sure to include a bunch of onesies, to make diaper changing a bit easier for you.

Our Picks:

  1. Play Yards

Keep your growing twin safe by registering for two, or more, play yards. Play yards make for phenomenal twin baby gifts. They are helpful when your twins begin to crawl and walk by giving them room to move and play. Meanwhile, giving you the chance to catch up on work around the house or while working remotely from home.

Our Picks:

best playpen for twins

  1. Teether Toys

When teeth come in, be prepared to comfort your twins by registering for teether toys. While teething, having something soft for your babies to suck and bite on will provide temporary relief for your twins. Massaging the gums helps the new teeth cutting through the gums.

Our Picks:

  1. Plush

Twin baby boys and girls will love playing with adorable plush animals and toys. Guests will enjoy picking out the stuffed animals that you have on your registry. You will love receiving these as gifts to decorate the nursery, in preparation of the arrival of your babies.

Our Picks:

  1. Personalized Gifts

Some parents of twins choose to keep the names of their babies a secret until the day of delivery. If you decide to share the baby names with friends and family; personalized gifts on your registry are great for those looking to purchase cute mementos.  

Our Picks:

  1. Bibs

Stay ahead of the drool by having multiple bibs on your baby registry. Soft cloth bibs are ideal for drooling babies, or to protect twin clothing. Silicone bibs are perfect for catching food and are easy to clean. Both kinds of bibs are easy to clean and care for.  

Our Picks:

Best Baby Shower Gifts Ideas for Twins

  1. Baby Flatware and Cutlery

Soon, you will be teaching your growing twin babies how to eat. Flatware for babies are often BPA free along with the ability to be cleaned in the dishwasher. Small makes eating enjoyable for your twins.

Our Picks

More Information About Twin Babies

Other honorable mentions to have on your twin baby registry include activity play mats, travel beds, and baby grooming sets. These are ideal items to have for your baby shower registry gifts for twin baby boys and girls. Remember your baby shower registry should include everything gifts that you want and need for the arrival of your babies.

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