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Nursing Twins: One at a Time or Tandem?

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We recently asked our community about how they nurse their twins:

When nursing twins, which one worked for you? One at a time or tandem?

Here’s what the TwinStuff Community had to say:

  • Tandem! From the start. When they were old enough to crawl, if they saw one nursing the other one would insist on joining in! Saves time and keeps your supply going! I would switch sides so that they’d have different perspectives and one was a stronger nurser so it would even out my supply.
  • I’m back at work so I pump most of the time, but I do nurse my 9 week old girls separately before bed and if they wake overnight. I tried tandem nursing many times while I was on leave and was never able to get both babies on at the same time.

twin breastfeeding

  • One at a time for the first 5 months after that tandem. Once they could sit up well The best position for me was to lie on my back with one sitting on each side. Try everything, you’ll be surprised what works for you.
  • Tandem. We were fortunate enough to have that work from birth. The nurses in recovery were really impressed that I was tandem nursing twins. I think it helped that they weren’t my first babies.
  • Tandem, and I always pumped immediately following. It really kept my supply up! The more you ’empty’ the more your body will produce!! Oh, and don’t forget to drink lots of water!!
  • Mostly one at a time unless they both needed to eat at the same time, then tandem. Once, hovered over them on the bed like a cow with udders because they were itty bitty and I hadn’t yet figured it out. You do what you gotta do to feed your babies, right? 
  • Depended on their age and needs. For several months in the beginning, I couldn’t tandem. Once they were able to latch themselves we nursed on demand, tandem or individually.
  • I did tandem and it worked great! I wanted to get them on one schedule as fast as possible as that meant more sleep for me:-)
  • Omg, tandem turned me into a couple of fire hoses and I’d dang near drown my poor boys. 😆 Had to go one at a time.
  • I nursed my twins exclusively for 14 months and only tandem nursed 3 or 4 times. It just didn’t work well for us.
  • One at a time to start due to size and an issue with my daughter. But once we went tandem there was no going back!
  • Tandem! Did it for almost 2 years. This allowed me to get more sleep and really helped boost my milk supply.
  • One at a time until they were big enough to latch properly and then tandem. Going on 5 months with no end in sight!

bottle feeding twins

  • Tandem all the way. Unless I am in public, then a bottle or one at a time.
  • One at a time! Nursing is our time together! We can tandem feed but prefer one at a time.
  • One at a time. I loved the one on one time with each baby. I only tandem when I was in a hurry to get somewhere.
  • One at a time. They hated the football hold, so I could never feed them in tandem.
  • Tandem with a boomerang pillow. One normal hold one football hold.
    Not in public though then one at a time.
  • Tandem at first but now they’re too wiggly and squirmy so I do them individually.
  • One on one at first but tandem as soon as you are comfortable with it
  • Tandem football hold or when they were little they liked to lay on each other.
  • One at a time but only due to the fact the couldn’t latch properly
  • Tandem. I had to go back to work and need to sleep, along with other things
  • Both depending on age. Tandem for sure when tiny, then we became more flexible.
  • Tandem – Otherwise you are nursing 24/7.

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