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Signs Baby Will Walk Soon

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Walking is one of the milestones that babies achieve. Moreover, this can make any parent really proud. When a baby begins to walk, it is also a sign that his or her growth and development is just right on track. Parents often want to know: what are the signs baby will walk soon. Let’s find out in this article.

Signs baby will walk soon

As a parent, you are probably excited to know exactly when your baby is going to walk. However, babies don’t immediately take baby steps when they want to. There are some tell-tale signs that your baby is about to take his or her first steps soon. Here are the signs to look out for when you are expecting your baby to walk:

The baby begins to roll and move more frequently

When a baby starts to be more mobile, then it is a good sign that he or she is about to walk soon. Moreover, during this time your baby attempts to reach out for their toys above them. Also, when a baby begins to move more frequently, the baby is trying to strengthen his or her muscles to get ready for walking.

Your baby begins to bounce while sitting

Before your baby learns to stand or walk, he or she may learn how to sit on his or her own first. Then, once your baby has learned how to sit, on the bed or on your lap, you may notice that your baby is attempting to bounce in an up and down motion. This means that your baby is strengthening his or her muscles in preparation for walking.

Baby becomes restless

When babies want to walk, you may notice that they become really restless. Moreover, if you have twins or multiples you can see that they are interacting with each other more frequently as they also begin to move their arms and legs more often as if to communicate with each other. Once you notice that your babies are getting restless, it might be a sign that they are about to walk soon.

The baby begins to crawl

Crawling is a tell-tale sign that your baby or babies want to walk really soon. Moreover, as they discover mobility in the form of crawling, they become more curious about the world around them and this also urges them to explore further. Their curiosity, coupled with their new-found crawling mobility may encourage your babies or baby to walk really soon.

Baby begins to pull up

Walking requires the coordination and the strength of your babies’ muscles that have not yet fully developed while in the womb. However, when your babies see the outside world, they begin to strengthen their muscles as they have more freedom to move around more freely. This may also mean that they may begin to pull themselves up in an attempt to strength and learn posture. Pulling up is a good indication that your babies may walk soon.

Baby learns to transfer weight

Walking involves the transfer of weight from one leg to another, alternately. So, when babies learn to transfer weight in either of their legs when you are trying to hold them up, it is a good sign that your baby is really going to walk soon. Transferring weight from one leg to another helps your babies strengthen their muscles as they learn to stand and eventually walk.

Baby learns to stand

The ultimate tell-tale sign that your baby is almost ready to walk is standing. When a baby learns to stand and transfer weight from one leg to another alternately, it means that your baby is about to walk either with assistance or on their own. However, this is also the time that you need to take extra care in our baby’s surroundings and supervise him or her at all times.

Even though your baby may have learned how to stand on his or her own, the balance may not be perfect, so they may still fall. It is important to keep your baby away from hard objects that they may hit in case they are to fall. When your baby learns to stand, you may also attempt to assist walking your baby by holding his or her hand while encouraging walking.

The baby begins to hold on to furniture to help with balance

Once your baby learns to stand on their own, they may continue to stand on their own with the help of furniture. Moreover, even though they may not yet know how to walk properly, yet, babies may pull themselves using the furniture as leverage. Then, you might notice that your baby may be able to move from one place to another with the help of the nearby furniture.

This is the most crucial stage when your baby is about to walk. Besides, this is the time that your baby is most prone to accidents by potentially hitting other furniture. Also, it might help prevent injuries if you put a cushion on the edges of hard furniture in case your baby might accidentally hit them.

Ways to encourage your baby to walk

There are various ways to encourage your baby to walk. Moreover, if you have twins or multiples, you may ask your partner to help you assist one of your babies in their attempt to walk. Here are some ways to encourage your baby to walk further:

  • Assist with your baby’s balance
  • Give verbal encouragement
  • Ask your baby to walk towards you


Signs baby will walk soon are virtually impossible to miss if you are a hands-on parent. Moreover, there are ways that you can encourage your baby to walk once you notice these tell-tale signs that your baby is physically getting ready to walk.

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