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14 Weeks Pregnant with Twins: Ultrasound, Symptoms, and More

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You’re 14 weeks pregnant with twins, so you’ve already faced more than most women in your situation. But now you’re entering the honeymoon phase of your multiple pregnancy.

For the next few weeks, everything’s going to be a whole lot easier, so now’s the time to get all the important stuff done.

Twin Pregnancy Symptoms at 14 Weeks

A single fetus at 14 weeks

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Second Trimester with Twins: Your Twin Babies at 14 Weeks Pregnant

Your babies are packing on their weight. Around 3.4 inches long and weighing twice as much as week 13, you can expect them to be around 1.5 ounces at maximum. They’re about the size of a large peach right now, or a small clenched fist.

Fully developed, your babies are getting stronger every day. Their muscles and bones are developed enough that movements are controlled and fluid, and they’re now capable of holding their heads up and moving around with defined movements, rather than the slightly jerky, uncontrolled movements we were seeing even a couple of weeks back.

Your babies also have another strange little quirk. Right now, they’re all covered in hair, like little chimps. It’s called lanugo, and it’s a full body, downy coating of hair that’s there to keep them warm.

But don’t worry, it’s going to be gone by the time they’re born, unless they’re born really premature.

If you could see them in there, you might also notice that they’re making funny faces. That’s because their brains are making sure that all the muscles work, and that includes the face. So from grimaces to smiles, they’re going to be practising them all.

Lastly, the kidneys have kicked in and started filtering blood, which means that your babies are going to start passing urine, which they’ll keep doing until they’re finally born.

Twin Pregnancy Symptoms at 14 Weeks

Whilst you might still be suffering from some of the early twin pregnancy symptoms, with any luck they’re going to be fading fast. With that in mind, here’s what you can expect to see in the next few days.

  • Increased appetite: Your babies are growing. Incredibly quickly. It’s already recommended that expecting moms eat more calories, but for a mom to be of twins, it’s doubly important that you make sure you’re eating right and packing the calories in. You should be looking to get another 600 to 700 extra calories per day over your normal, otherwise you literally might not be getting enough calories to feed your twins!
  • Round ligament pain: Yep. It’s still here. Some women might have has this fade away by now as their body acclimates. But since we’re carrying twins here, it’s unlikely. Expect this to carry on a little while longer yet.
  • Better looking hair: Strangely enough, you can expect thicker, shinier, much better looking hair at this point, and for most of your pregnancy. That’s because all of the hormones in your body actually interrupt the normal hair growing cycle, but in a good way. It’s a welcome change.
  • More energy: You might not even actually have more energy. It’s just that as all of the nastiness of the last few weeks fades away, you go back to being more normal again. Time to celebrate!

14 Weeks Twin Ultrasound 

If you haven’t had an ultrasound by now, you probably should, so contact your doctor and get yourself booked in.

We’d always recommend regular check ups, just to make sure that everything’s going on correctly. After all, unfortunately with twins, there’s so much more than can become an issue, so you need to make sure everything’s going on fine in there.

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Things to Do This Week for a Healthy Pregnancy

  • Look at changing your diet. Because your babies are more active and their muscles are developing fast, they might need more protein. Lean meats, nuts and beans are excellent sources of protein for you. You might also want more fibre, especially if you’re eating more protein, so pick up more leafy vegetables and fruits.
  • If you’re not already exercising, now is an ideal time to start. Look for a prenatal exercise class, or failing that, start your own gentle exercise routine. Swimming is a great choice. It’s full body, relatively light, and you can do it whenever you want.
  • Round about now is normally a good time to announce your pregnancy to anyone who hasn’t already realised. You’re going to start showing heavily in the next few weeks, and it’s always a lot more fun to do it on your own terms.

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Are You 14 Weeks Pregnant with Twins?

You’re getting there. The next few weeks should be so much better than what’s come before. You’ve got a few weeks of grace and glory, so make sure you take full advantage.

You’re going to be full of energy, feeling great, and capable of doing everything that you wanted to do but weren’t capable of in the last couple of months.

Now is a great time to take a short break with your partner, and get that fire back. This is also an incredible opportunity to start making plans for your coming baby, even if relatively minor.

Whatever you plan on doing, live it up. If you’ve got any suggestions for our regular readers, or any questions, let us know. We love talking to our readers, so just leave a comment below! How do you feel at 14 weeks pregnant with twins?


  1. I’m already showing. Bump is hard to hide compared to my previous single pregnancy. My energy levels are low and I struggle to eat. Im happy no more nausea. Can’t wait to meet these two. My rainbow babies

  2. Just hit the 14 week mark! Slowly getting some energy back, but seeing as I wasnt very big to start I’m REALLY showing now, which means that I’m slow. Like a snail could beat me in a foot race. But I can eat more!! And no more morning sickness.
    I keep seeing that this is the start of the honeymoon phase. Let’s be honest here. For some, like me, with twins there is no honeymoon phase. Not like a singleton pregnancy. It doesnt compare. So just hang in there.

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