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Unique Twin Baby Shower Themes

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The baby shower is the most fun and exciting part of any twin pregnancy for the mom-to-be. She is not only the center of attention, but also gets to stock up on all the baby essentials for two. All she needs is a creative and organized party planning committee. If you are the chosen one, congratulations – there is loads of fun ahead of you.

You might be wondering, where do I start the preparation from? Well, first answer this question – what’s a stellar party without a team? Especially, when it’s targeted at kids and grown-ups who love their kids.

Here is your answer – start by selecting the best baby shower theme. You will be surprised by how many unique twin baby shower themes are out there, and you will definitely be able to select one. In this guide we give you a list of some of the most exciting twin baby shower themes for girls, boys, and some gender-neutral baby shower themes.

Twin Baby Shower Themes for Girls

What do girls love? Pink, glitter, and loads of cute stuff. Of course, that’s the stereotype and some twin parents might not want to go for a super girly baby shower theme. Here are our favorite baby shower themes for twin girls.

Twin Baby Shower Themes

Elegant Baby Shower: Tea for Two

Don’t you love a fancy tea party with an indulgent selection of aromatic teas, cupcakes and adorable party favors? If the answer is “yes”, then the Tea for Two baby shower theme is ideal for you.

What will you need for the perfect elegant baby shower? First of all, a selection of your favorite teas. We love the Pukka Herbs Tea Selection Box, because it consists of 100% organic tea sachets from the Puka range. Second, a fancy tea set arranged with cupcakes, mini sandwiches and other little baby shower favors – your pick. And don’t forget that everything comes in two!

Classic Twin Girls Baby Shower: Pretty in Pink

Back to the basics, Pretty in Pink is a girly yet elegant baby shower theme that you can’t go wrong with, and is guaranteed that everyone will love it.

As the name suggests, all you need is loads of shades of pink and glitter. While it’s super easy to execute, you still need to add a touch of consideration when assembling your elegant baby shower ideas.

twins girl babyshowerAs a centerpiece go for a layered pink cake, match it with cute pink cupcakes, balloons and whatever else pops in your mind. Why not add a mesmerizing backdrop as a final but grandiose touch to the party arrangements? We love the Twin Princesses Elephant Backdrop in pink floral print. It’s made from vinyl, it’s easy-to-carry, wrinkle-free and looks amazing.

Summer Twin Girls Baby Shower: Garden Party

If the timing allows it and you’re able to throw a baby shower in the summertime, then you will love the Summer Garden Baby Shower idea.

What you will need to execute this baby shower theme for twin girls is a nice garden (obviously), a tasteful set-up, and loads of adorable twin decorations, favors and snacks. For a centerpiece decor why not go for this super cute Oh Babies Banner in gold glitter – the perfect addition for your Summer Garden Party, and pretty much any other baby shower theme?

In terms of food, go for something light such as food bites, loads of fresh fruit (both for eating and as decorations), fresh juice, and whatever else screams “summer” to you. It’s best to choose a while cloth for the table so that the summer colors can pop out.

Oh, and what’s a summer garden baby shower without cocktails? Mix and match your favorite summer cocktails + a mocktail for the mom-to-be.

Twin Baby Shower Themes for Boys

While pink and glitter are the main focus for a baby shower for twin girls, blue and fun are the words that can describe a baby shower for twin boys best. Here are our favorite themes to celebrate the conception of double-trouble.

Twin Baby Shower Themes

Thing 1 and Thing 2 Baby Shower Theme

Dr. Seuss’ books are one of the most beloved ones by both children and parents, and you can be sure that your little boys will also fall in love with them once they are old enough. So why not welcome your babies to this world of treasured fiction characters in fashion?

The color scheme is super easy to execute – red, while and blue. In order to fully embrace this theme you can get this Cartoon Cat Thing 1 Thing 2 Ribbon and use it as your main DIY supply for decorations. Wrap it around the table, the chairs, or hang it on the walls as a cute banner. 

You could even incorporate Dr. Seuss books as table decorations, and later gift to your grown-up children as the first books to read. This theme is becoming super popular and is often used for a birthday party celebration for children, so you can buy loads of ready decorations, or use the ones from the baby shower for one of your twin boys’ birthdays later on.

Bring the Fun In: Mario and Luigi Twin Boys Baby Shower Theme

Mario and Luigi isn’t just a favorite Halloween costume idea for friends. Rather, it can be a very fun baby shower theme idea for twins, especially for parents who grew up on Nintendo.

The colors are red and green, the food is Italian, and the decorations – loads of mustaches for every single guest. We love these 60 Pcs Fake Beard Self Adhesive Novelty Hairy Mustaches, because there are 20 designs to choose from and you are guaranteed to make everyone laugh. Give them to the guests as soon as they enter the party to keep the mood going.

I’m Blue (Da Ba Dee)

We all love this song so much that it would be a shame not to incorporate it into a twin boys baby shower.

As you can guess already, all you need is loads of blue: blue decorations, blue-colored food and a blue dress code. These Paper Fan Party Decorations contain everything you will ever need for this theme: hanging paper fans, pom poms, garlands and triangle bunting flag packs, all in the blue color scheme.

Gender-Neutral Baby Shower Themes

In case the twin parents are expecting boy and girl twins, you will have to go for a more universal twin baby shower theme. But, don’t worry, because there are still tons of cool baby shower ideas to choose from.

Baby Shower Party for Young Twins Mother

The Classic: Two Peas in a Pod

This is a classic theme that gives you so much creative freedom to throw the best twin baby shower.

Start with the baby shower invitations – they’re the very first impression the guests will see. These Peas in a Pod Twins Baby Shower Invitations with Envelopes would give your twins baby shower a kick-start. They are printed on heavy-weight matte cardstock for easy fill in with many types of pens and would complement the rest of the decorations very well.

What about the party set-up? Polka dot color scheme is a must, and you can incorporate it in the tableware, the shower banners and even the dress code for the twin parents, and why not for the guests,too? Make or order a cake topped up with two peas in a pod ornaments, or make little themed cookies to satisfy your hungry guests.

Adorable Twin Baby Shower Theme: Best Friends

Your baby twins are not just siblings, but much more – they are best friends. The Best Friends theme takes exactly on that notion, and would perfectly suit a fun bunch of friends, because there are countless baby shower games that will perfectly go with it. 

In terms of decorations, you can hang photos of best friends from famous TV shows. Also, get some themed cupcakes and honor this beautiful thing called “friendship”.

What will make this theme extra special is if you give the twin parent the Best Friends Matching Onesies by TwinStuff for her to put on her babies as soon as they’re out of the womb. We bet you that she wouldn’t be able to wait to see her angels wearing this very special and memorable gift!

Pink and Blue Gender-Neutral Baby Shower Theme

Boy and girl are on the way? Then it’s time to celebrate them in pink and blue!

Simply, mix and match some pink and blue decorations, such as balloons, banners and backdrops, paper decorations, etc. If you want to be even more extra you can make or order cupcakes in the yin and yang symbol in pink and blue.

Also, you can hand out ribbons or badges in those colors to the guests to make them feel involved in the party.

Gender-Neutral Baby Shower Theme

Planning Your Twin Baby Shower?

Planning a twin baby shower is super exciting and rewarding once you see the happy face of the mom-to-be surrounded by her most favorite people. While it’s quite a responsibility, planning a twin baby shower should not feel like a burden, rather you should let yourself get swept up in the excitement.

So where do you start the planning from? The answer is simple – the baby shower theme. In order to boost your imagination and help you out a bit we’ve given you our favorite twin baby shower themes for every occasion: twin girls, twin boys, or boy/girl twins.


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