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Do You Need a Crib Divider for Twins?

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Figuring out the sleeping situation for newborn twins is one of the things that baffles parents the most. If you feel daunted by this idea, too, then this article is for you.

Here are some of the questions that might be running in your head right now: Should my newborn twins share a crib? Do I need a Crib Divider for Twins? How can I guarantee that my newborn twins sleep safe in their twin beds? Is a baby twin bassinet better than twin cribs?

We know that as a new parent of two you are overly worried about the health and safety of your babies, and you want to make sure that they have the best sleeping arrangement possible. Things like budget, space and convenience might also influence your decision.

A solution that many parents find to be working well for them is getting a crib divider for twins to use within the first months, while their babies are still tiny and inseparable. Let’s find out why that is the case, and compare it to other potential sleeping arrangements for twin babies, so that you can make the best choice for your little ones.

Should Twins Share a Crib?

First of all, there are never-ending debates in regards to whether twins should share a twin crib or not.  

Doctors believe that sharing a crib is not a good idea, in fact it could be quite dangerous for your babies. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) firmly advises against having a shared bed for your twins. The reason is that sharing a crib can increase the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

can twins share a crib

SIDS is one of the biggest concerns of parents of both singletons and multiples. Although the chance of this happening is quite minimal, approximately 1 in 2,000 infants, twins are at a higher risk because they are often born prematurely at 37 weeks or even earlier up to 32 weeks, or have low birth weights.

That’s why doctors recommend that separate sleep is better for twin babies. This will limit the chances of your babies becoming entangled with one another, suffocating or getting overheated.

Some parents, however, believe that sharing a crib is quite beneficial for twin babies, because it resembles the womb experience their babies had when they were in mommy’s tummy. They are already comfortable with being with each other, which means that sharing the same crib can help them get adjusted to the new world together and faster.

However, there is not enough sufficient evidence to convince doctors that co-bedding is a safe sleeping arrangement for twins or multiples.

twin baby beds

How to Make Sure that Your Babies Are Safe When Co-Bedding?

If you decide to try the co-bedding method, there are a few things you can take into consideration to ensure that your twins sleep safe.

First of all, you should only do this for the first 3 months. Once your babies start wiggling and turning around the chances of SIDS increase significantly. 

It’s really important to designate a spot for each twin in the crib and establish a sleeping routine, so that they don’t get entangled with each other. Position them at opposite sides of the twin crib, or place them head-to-head. 

What can really help with that is a crib divider for twins. This will give you a peace of mind knowing that your babies won’t get entangled with each other and will help with establishing a routine.

The Best Portable Crib for Twins

Another useful baby gear you can get is a baby lounger, which you put in the cot and which keeps the baby in one place, while providing it with comfort, as if it’s being cuddled. We highly recommend the Mamibaby Co-Sleeping Nest for Babies, which is made from 100% breathable cotton material and features a 360 degree protective side guardrail design that guarantees that your babies sleep safe. 

Get two of them and place them in the twin crib, or your adult bed, the living room sofa, or even take them on your next holiday. It’s not only a life-saver for any situation, but it also makes your co-bedding for infants possible.

Baby Twin Bassinet: An Alternative to Co-Bedding

A twin bassinet is a great way to save space and still have your angels at close proximity. Bassinets have been used by parents for ages, because they give the stability, firmness and safety any newborn needs. 

Plus, you don’t have to compromise on storage space and convenience, because there are incredible baby twin bassinets available nowadays that are turned into mind-blowing nursery centers for twins. 

Our personal favorite is the Retreat Twins Nursery Center by Baby Trend, and it’s also a customer’s favorite: “the best twin bassinet out there in my opinion”. It has everything you will ever need and more in just one place: two removable Rock-a-Bye bassinets that you can take wherever you want, a changing table, a deluxe parent organizer, and a one-hand locking mechanism. 

What you will love the most about this twin nursery center is the featured deluxe parent organizer. You can store all of your babies’ essential gear in it, and most importantly, the Best Friends Matching Onesie. As soon as your babies wake up you can dress them in their favorite matching onesies and get ready for a great day!

The Retreat Twins Nursery Center by Baby Trend is also a kind of a Pack n’ Play crib, because it easily converts into a play yard, accompanied by the two toys that come with it to ensure that the fun is always there.

Bedtime Rules and Schedules with Twins

Top Safe Sleep Tips for Twin Babies

These are our favorite safe sleep tips for baby twins that will minimize the chances of SIDS and will ensure the comfort of your little angels.

  • Always lay your babies down on their backs! This prevents them from choking or suffocating
  • Make sure that the sleeping surface your twins are lying on is firm and that the sheet is well-fitted, especially if they’re sleeping outside of their twin bassinets or twin baby cribs. Also, avoid any toys, blankets, pillows or bumpers around your sleeping sweethearts
  • Make sure that your babies are not overheating. Dress them in lightweight, breathable materials. Parents love seeing their angels in the Miracle Onesie by TwinStuff, because it’s super fun, soft, and your babies can nap with style. We couldn’t agree more with the slogan on the Miracle Onesies: “Sometimes when you wish for a miracle… you get two”. The ideal room temperature for your newborn twins is 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Try and develop the same routine for your twin babies to ensure that they have a synchronized sleeping schedule, so that they can get drowsy and nod off at the same time. This is your key to some “me time”

Crib Divider for Twins: It’s a Good Option?

The safe sleep of your newborn twins is your biggest priority. Although the chances of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) are present, there are a number of things you can do to ensure the safety of your babies. For example, getting a crib divider for twins means that your babies can share the same crib until they’re 3-months-old, and bond with each other. You can also get a baby twin bassinet that’s also a twin nursery center, or a co-sleeping nest for inside and outside of the crib. Whichever sleeping arrangement you choose, you should follow our top safe sleep tips!


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