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How to Set Up a Twin Nursery

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If you just found out you’re having twins, there’s probably a lot on your mind, like “What’s my delivery going to be like?” “Will I have two baby boys, two girls, or one of each?” and “How much stuff am I going to need?”

Let’s take one thing off your plate mama and get to planning that adorable twin nursery! From twin cribs to adorable decor, we’ll walk you through some tips for how to set up a twin nursery and give you some cute nursery ideas for inspiration

Twin Nursery Planning

Nursery planning can go from fun to overwhelming in the blink of an eye. Just remember—all you really need is a place for your babies to sleep and some diapers. You don’t need more square footage or an interior designer to create the nursery of your dreams. A little creativity and a big dollop of love and personality go a long way! Here are some things to think of as you design your twin nursery.

Tip #1: Finish Your Twin Nursery in the Second Trimester

During your first trimester, you’re probably tired and maybe even sick. But by your third trimester, you’re probably getting a little uncomfortable. Plus, who knows when your little ones will make their appearance into the world? That’s why it’s a good idea to work on your twin nursery throughout your second trimester. 

Your energy levels are high, your baby bump is still manageable, and your weekends aren’t filled up with birthing classes and long naps yet. Try and get at least the essentials (cribs and a changing table) added into your nursery before your third trimester rolls around.

Twin Nursery Ideas

Tip #2: Don’t Buy Two of Everything…

Yes, you’re having two babies. But you don’t actually need two of everything. For example, spending money on two changing tables is just unnecessary. Even if you and your partner are both home, how often are you going to need to change both diapers at the exact same time?

Instead of two changing tables, invest in some added storage space. Skip getting two baby monitors, two gliders, or two dressers, too. 

Tip #3: …But Buy Two of Some Things

One thing you really can’t skimp on is two cribs. The American Academy of Pediatrics advises against co-sleeping, even for twin babies, as it may increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome. This means it’s extremely important to have two cribs, one for each twin. You’ll want one anyways once your babies start rolling around their crib all night long!

If you’re worried about fitting two full-sized cribs in your nursery, consider getting a couple of mini cribs. They’re just as safe as full-sized cribs but at a fraction of the square footage. We love this Delta Children Mini Baby Crib—it’s portable and comes in 4 neutral colors!

You’re also going to want to double up on bibs, onesies, and diapers. Essentially, you’ll want double the supply of anything your twins will use at the same time. While it’s no fun to have to spend twice as much money to clothe your babies, look on the bright side—you’ll get to dress them in adorable twin outfits, like these onesies from TwinStuff.

best cribs for twins

Tip #4: Buy a Rocker Big Enough for Three

When you’re strategizing your nursery set up, don’t forget to leave space for a rocker or glider. If you’re planning on breastfeeding, consider opting for a double rocker. They’re wider than a regular rocker, which will make it easier to fit you, two babies, and a nursing pillow in it while you’re feeding.

Tip #5: Choose a Baby Monitor with Two Cameras

Split-screen baby monitors are clutch for twin parents! You can get two cameras that connect to the same feed, so you only have to keep track of one screen. We love this monitor from VMAI because it supports up to 4 cameras (in case, you know, you get another surprise at the doctor’s office next time you get pregnant!).

Tip #6: Buy Twin Baby Bedroom Sets for Easy Decorating

If you’re one of those people that loves coordinated furniture, then a twin baby bedroom set might be a good option for you. Most cribs have a matching changing table, dresser, and bookcase that you can purchase. Just add on another crib and you’ll automatically have a full nursery of furniture that looks great together. Best of all, buying a set keeps things simple—because you really don’t have time for anything too complicated.

Twin Crib Decoration Ideas

The crib is the focal point of the nursery, but choosing the perfect one can be difficult. To get you started here are some twin nursery ideas: crib edition. 

Black and White

It doesn’t get any more classic than black and white. Pair one black crib with a white one for a timeless effect.

Modern Neutrals

“Neutral” doesn’t have to mean “white.” With midcentury furniture booming, there are tons of natural-looking cribs in various shades of gray, brown, and, yes, white that you could mix and match for your twins. You could even mix textures, with one crib in a neutral metal and another in a muted wood tone.

twin nursery

Barely There Cribs

There’s nothing quite as cool as a ghost crib. When you’re cramming two cribs into a small room, choosing cribs with translucent, acrylic siding can help to make your space feel less cluttered. If you can’t find ghost cribs you love, white furniture has a similar effect!

Bold Colors

If you’re having boy/girl twins, then choosing cribs in pops of bright colors can help to highlight their differences, even from a young age. Babies love bright colors, so make their room a place they’ll love by making it colorful and fun!

Twin Nursery Design Inspiration

Are you one of those people that prefers to see pictures? Then check out these precious twin room ideas from across the internet for some style inspiration.

Boy/Girl Twin Nursery

If you thought a boy/girl twin nursery had to be absent of color, boy were you wrong! This colorful nursery from Salty Canary packs in a ton of colors while not feeling overly boyish or girly. We love the matching touches, like the cribs and crib sheets, and the unique flair that comes from the different blankets and boy/girl stuffies.

Twin Boy Nursery with White Furniture

We love a nursery that’s definitely not gender-neutral but doesn’t scream BOY either. This simple nursery from Project Nursery hits the nail on the head with two white cribs, a striped blue window shade, and some boyish decor.

Cool Baby Gifts for Twins

Modern Twin Girl Nursery

Being girly doesn’t have to be a bad thing! This modern twin girl nursery from Project Nursery is a little bit on the extra side and we’re loving it. From the pink chandelier to the neon name lights, this nursery is one any mama would love spending time in. And peep those translucent cribs making this small space feel roomy!

Build the Perfect Twin Nursery for Your Precious Little Ones

The nursery is going to be your babies’ first home, where you change a thousand diapers and snuggle them at all hours. You deserve to have a comfortable, warm space to love on your babies from day 1 to day 1,000. 

So stock up on some onesies, grab a can of paint, and let your partner get decorating (blame it on the paint fumes, mama—you deserve a break!). Your beautiful twins will be here before you know it!

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