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Perfect Twins Baby Shower within Budget: Gifts, Ideas, and More!

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Are you eagerly waiting to plan the best twins baby shower for your twin baby girls or twin baby boys? Or maybe you are blessed with both a girl and a boy and would like to show the world how happy you are?

Although it is time to share your happiness with friends and family, there is much to plan for such an important event! Of course, there is a lot to cover, from invitations to decorations, but we understand that going overboard is not always an option. Fortunately for you, we have got you covered.

From twin baby shower ideas to twin baby shower invitations and even the twin baby gifts, we have prepared a list of ideas for you to plan your little newcomers’ welcoming party a success within a budget.

Some General Ideas to Keep in Mind for Twins Baby Shower

Although there is a certain etiquette to follow when organizing a baby shower, stop worrying about all that when you are pregnant with twins. It generally becomes more difficult and uncomfortable during the pregnancy period in the later months, especially if you are expecting twins.

Gender-Neutral Baby Shower Theme

If you are still in the early stage of pregnancy, we would suggest throwing the twins baby shower sooner than later since later it might be more challenging for you to organize or enjoy the event the way you can now.

We suggest an ideal time to throw the baby shower would be when you are around 26-28 weeks pregnant because later than that would commonly be the time to expect your babies to see the light of the world.

However, it is always best to be prepared for any change of plans at the last moment. We truly understand how excited you are to welcome the babies but do not forget to take care of your health and be prepared for premature delivery while organizing the baby shower.

And most importantly, keep track of your expenses for this event because you surely do not want to go overboard and cross your budget, right? So preparing a detailed budget for each section of the party will surely save you a lot of stress and prevent you from overspending.     

Planning a Twins Baby Shower During the Covid-19

With the current pandemic in mind, throwing a traditional baby shower with all your well-wishers is challenging. We understand that you want to share happiness with everyone, but your and your babies’ health should be the first priority to you now.

However, there are a few options that you can consider.

You can still have the traditional twins baby shower with a short-listed guest list of a maximum of 10 people to make sure Covid-19 safe distancing is followed. Invite the closest family members and friends who truly mean special to you and celebrate the day filled with love.

virtual baby shower

Another option is to have the drive-by baby shower where instead of having a party inside the house, you can have it in the driveway or the backyard. For this new trending baby shower, you will decorate the outside of your home, and people will come with gifts for twins, congratulate you and drive away with a goodie bag specially prepared by you.

Last but not least, you can organize a virtual twins baby shower that will allow every guest to join in from their own homes and save you money on decorations. This is a budget-friendly and a new normal baby shower idea that will surely give you delight without cutting your pocket!

Baby Shower Ideas for Twin Baby Girls

Keeping the budget in mind, we have prepared twin baby shower ideas for you. Although we do not differentiate colors with gender, keeping in mind that baby showers for girls ideally portray the color pink, we have highlighted some decoration ideas for you here.  

  1.     The Classic Pink

Double the fun with pink with the twin baby girls on the way. Having a pink themed cake, cupcakes, decorations, chocolates, and balloons will give the guests clear news. You can also design the twin girl shower invitations in pink to give the whole house a clear celebration message.

  1.     The Royal Tea Party

You can decorate the house in a royal theme for the twin princesses. Having a princess-style twin baby girls baby shower will indeed highlight how eager and joyful you are to welcome the little angels. You can organize a tea party with a princess cake, tea and biscuits, and royal pink balloons to make the event more eye-catching.

twin girls baby shower

Baby Shower Ideas for Twin Baby Boys

Put your twins baby shower plan into action for twin baby boys with the blue colored baby shower ideas. Here are a few ideas that you can incorporate for your perfect baby shower for boys.

  1.     Boy, oh Boy!

Having two baby boys can be a blessing and a warning to be ready to be up for anything, anytime. You can design the house and the invitations in the classic blue for the boys with themed food and decorations. Maybe add in a blue car cake or a suit cake to make the event more creative too?

  1.     Time to Get Creative!

If you want to try something new compared to the basic boys’ theme, you can get creative with the detective, jungle, or prince themes. You can make cute, animated animals invitation cards or order customized cupcakes with fairytale characters.

Gender Neutral Baby Shower Ideas

In today’s generation, people do not differentiate gender with colors and traditional themes. If you are one of those, then going for a gender-neutral color like white, yellow, purple, or a combination of blue and pink can certainly be the theme color for your twins baby shower.

You can order minted baby shower online invitations or baby shower decorations and food for the guests to be surprised and curious at the same time. Moreover, it will make the guests understand that you value both your twins equally.

Gifts for Twins for the Baby Shower

A twins baby shower without gifts seems incomplete, but we have got you covered here too. We have listed some of the best peer reviewed twin baby gift sets and new baby gift baskets for twins so that you do not have to search all over the world to find the best gift options.

  1.     Womb Mates Bibs

One of the best gifts to give newborn twins is matching bibs. These bibs from TwinStuff are unisex and made from 100% cotton. 

  1.     Miracle Onesie

These cotton onesies come in a set of two that is perfect for twin babies. You can add them for your twins baby shower registry.

  1.     Baby and Toddler Twin Gift Set

Here is another cute and amazing twin gift set for little twins that can be a perfect gift. This adorable set includes a keepsake book and 2 elephants rattles for twins at a low price.

  1.     Drinking Buddies Twin Baby Cotton Bibs

Another cotton bib set for twins can be a fantastic and playful gift set for a twins baby shower.

twins wearing matching bibs

  1.     Infant Shaker, Teether and Rattle Toys Set

These toys are great for twin babies that can be a great gift for newborns. 

Find All the Newborn and Twins Information Here

If you are a soon to be mom of twins and planning to throw a twins baby shower with twin shower invitations, decorations, and twin baby gift sets, we have prepared a one-stop content to provide you with all the information.

If you want to learn more about twin pregnancy and parenting related information, be sure to check out TwinStuff for baby shower ideas, baby care, shopping ideas for your little ones. In addition, you will find the top-quality twin bibs, onesies here with 100% comfort ensured. 


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