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16 Weeks Pregnant with Twins: Ultrasound, Symptoms, and More

You’re 16 weeks pregnant with twins already! Week 16 can be really exciting for a lot of moms to be. There’s so much that could happen this week, that it’s amazing you’ll find time to pack it all in.

Read on to find out what’s going to occur this week, and how you’re going to love it!

Twin Pregnancy Symptoms at 16 Weeks

A single fetus at 16 weeks

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Your Twin Babies at 16 Weeks Pregnant

Your babies are getting so much bigger all the time. 16 weeks in, your babies are going to be around   3.5 ounces in weight, and around four and a half inches long, about the size of an avocado!

Your babies are more aware of the world than ever, too. For starters, their eyes will have started working by now, moving under their eyelids and picking up on light. They’re actually sensitive enough that moving into areas of bright light, or say, shining a torch against your belly, can cause them to move and react to it!

It’s not just sight that’s kicking into high gear either. The tiny little bones that allow us to hear have finally fully grown, so your babies can hear the outside world in faint echoes, and definitely hear your voice.

If you’ve ever wondered how your babies already know your voice when they’re born, there’s your reason. Studies also show that babies can hear songs inside the womb, and they’ll actually recognise the very same song once they’re born, so when you’re singing in the shower, pick your songs with care!

Twin Pregnancy Symptoms at 16 Weeks

Week 16 is a great week for most women, with a bunch of good symptoms now that your body is finally calming down. Even the bad symptoms are relatively minor, too. Here’s what you’ll be facing this week:

  • Bigger boobs: Your boobs are getting bigger, and you might have even had to step up to a bigger bra. Don’t be fooled though. Your breasts won’t stop making the changes you need for breastfeeding until about the 24th week.
  • Backache: Your growing uterus, increased weight and pressure your nerves can cause backaches, as can hormonal changes. Make some time for light exercise, stretch a little bit, and try not to stay in one place for long periods of time. So if you work in an office, get up every so often, even just to stretch.
  • Constipation: Increased pressure on your intestines, coupled with hormones, can cause bathroom time to get a little difficult. Make sure to keep hydrated, and if it gets bad, talk to your doctor.
  • Sensitive or itching eyes: Aren’t pregnancy hormones fun! This probably won’t be bad enough to need treatment, but if you get itchy or dry eyes, now you know why. Just be careful if you wear contact lenses or regularly use eye drops
  • Forgetfulness: It’s called pregnancy brain, and although your brain doesn’t change during pregnancy, it’s a completely recognised thing. Notebooks and your smartphone will soon be your best friend.
  • The pregnancy glow: Get used to people telling you you’re looking radiant, with glowing skin and shiny, healthy looking hair.

16 Weeks Ultrasound Twins

You’re probably getting close to your monthly prenatal visit, so expect the standard array of tests. But you can also expect to hear your twin’s heartbeats this time if you haven’t already, because they’re guaranteed to have finally started beating of their own accord!

You should be looking forward to this scan, though. If everything shows up normal here, your chances of miscarriage go way down. To literally 1% with singletons, and only a few percent with twins. And that’s awesome!

Things to Do This Week for a Healthy Pregnancy

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Are You 16 Weeks Pregnant with Twins?

We’re getting there, girls! Almost at the halfway mark, and hopefully things are going well for you.

Like we said, this week should be a good one, but that doesn’t mean we don’t need a little bit of help sometimes. If you’ve got any questions, or just want a chat, feel free to comment below! How do you feel at 16 weeks pregnant with twins?


  1. Hi so I’m 16 weeks and 2 days pregnant with twins first babies and Everyone’s says I’m quite small that my bump ain’t big enough how can I put in weight I’m scared that my babies ain’t healthy midwife said they bit small I’m so worried please any advice ? Thank you in advance

    • Talk to your dr. Weight gain also depends on your size to begin with. I was worried because I hadn’t gained weight and my dr said “don’t worry you will” lol it’s tough when you are pregnant and people’s off hand remarks can make you really worried. When I was pregnant with my son in a single day I got asked by one person if I was sure I was as far along as I said because I was so small and by another if I was sure it wasn’t twins because I was huge lol and the unsolicited comments will pour in when you have babies too.

    • I agree with talking to your doctor. I broke down in tears in my doctors office and he was so blown away with why I was crying. He said the babies were perfectly healthy and that if he had any fears he would have voiced them and given me a special diet to gain weight. I am days away from having my girls and they are both measuring above average yet I still appear small for twins. Everything looks perfect for them and the reassurance from my doctor truly helped me put that fear to rest. No need for added stress! We are already stressed enough with growing 2 lives! Best of luck to you and your pregnancy!

  2. Hi I am 16 weeks and so shocked how big I am. I’ve gained about 12kg already when I was 13 weeks. I am having my third child. I wasn’t fat after any of my pregnancies. Tummy was tucked back to normal. I used to gym but stopped because this pregnancy has made me tired since 8 weeks already. At 7 weeks I done a scan showing only 1 fetus. My feet and legs are swollen every day.

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