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23 Weeks Pregnant with Twins: Ultrasound, Symptoms, and More

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23 weeks pregnant with twins already.

Now we’re over the hump and entering the second half of your pregnancy, the coming weeks are pretty dull when it comes to interesting symptoms and the other effects of a twin pregnancy.

But that’s fine, right? That just gives you more time to get everything in order and get your life sorted. Plus maybe a little bit of time for yourself.

Twin Pregnancy Symptoms at 23 Weeks

A single fetus at 23 weeks

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Your Twin Babies at 23 Weeks Pregnant

Your babies are a little bigger than in week 22, or around 11 inches long and maybe a pound in weight. About the size of a mango.

But over the next few weeks, there’s going to be a massive weight gain plan going on, and your babies could potentially weigh double what they weigh right now in only four more weeks!

Right now, your babies have slightly saggy transparent, pinkish red skin, but pretty soon that will start to fill out as they put on weight and the natural fat deposits fill in.

Your babies heartbeats are also getting way stronger. Strong enough in fact to hear through a stethoscope. So when you’re with the doctor, or if you happen to have a stethoscope at home, (for some reason) then you can hear their little hearts!

Twin Pregnancy Symptoms at 23 Weeks

Right now, you’re probably feeling a little bit less comfy than you have the last few weeks. That’s because your symptoms are getting slightly worse with every passing day.

  • Swollen feet and legs: Swollen limbs is a completely normal part of pregnancy, and I’m afraid its just something you’re going to have to deal with. So put those cute boots away and slip into something more comfortable, try and keep moving, and if you have to sit down for long periods, try and keep your feet elevated.
  • Braxton Hicks contractions: These are going to become a constant companion for the next few weeks. It’s your body, getting ready for what’s going to be a gargantuan effort at the ned of your pregnancy. Think of it as a little gym workout for all the muscles you’re going to use delivering your twins!
  • Backache: Your babies are already putting pressure on your nerves, but as they get heavier, they’re going to put more pressure on your back muscles and spine than you’re probably used to. As you get bigger, take a little more time to relax, and try not to do anything strenuous.
  • Swollen and bleeding teeth and gums: You’ve already got more blood in your body, and a higher blood pressure, so expect your mouth to feel a little more sensitive than normal. If you’ve never experienced bleeding gums or teeth before, then don’t worry if you spit out a little bit of blood. But if your mouth starts to hurt, then it might be worth seeing the dentist. In fact, seeing the dentist a little bit more often can also be a good thing whilst you’re pregnant.

23 Weeks Ultrasound Twins

You probably aren’t having an ultrasound this week, but if you are, you’ll be lucky enough to see your babies faces, completely fully formed and how they’re going to be when they’re born. Minus, maybe, the chubby little cheeks that will fill in as they put on weight.

Your babies will also be growing their own tiny pairs of nipples right now. No, we don’t know why it takes so long either.

Finally, because they’re becoming more sensitive to the outside world, expect them to move around a lot more in general, but also in response to outside stimuli like light and sound, especially your voice.

Things to Do This Week for a Healthy Pregnancy

  • Your fingers might be swelling up a little by now, so if you wear a lot of rings, it might be worth keeping track of them and making sure that they still come on and off easily.
  • Finances are important. Kids are expensive, after all, and you’re having twins! It’s worth going over your financials, and checking what you’ve got set up for your children’s future. That means health insurance, a will check, and starting up savings accounts. It doesn’t matter how much you put in right now. Even a tiny little amount will add up, because of the power of compound interest.

Worth Buying Now

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Are You 23 Weeks Pregnant with Twins?

We’re closing fast on the third trimester, and the big event. Whilst these weeks are relatively uneventful, that’s the perfect time for you to be getting everything that you won’t be able to sort out in the final few weeks fixed and finished.

Things like sorting out your nursery, choosing names, throwing a baby shower. All of the fun things that come with pregnancy.

The good things for you too is that this site is packed with ideas for all of these, so take a look around if you feel the need for a touch of inspiration. Or just leave a comment. I’m sure our lovely community will have all the answers to any question you have.

How do you feel at 23 weeks pregnant with twins?


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