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Attempting to have a successful conception of one baby, let alone twin babies, is exhausting. When it finally happens, you may have been feeling beyond elated and overwhelmed. Plenty of women experience common highs and lows during this crucial time. There are a lot of things that you will learn along the way of your pregnancy with your twins. Educating yourself on your twin pregnancy, along with possible complications can educate parents like you on how to care for any obstacles that may come your way. TwinStuff is here to provide you with reliable information on your twin pregnancy and delivery.

Ready and Hoping to Conceive Twins

After using contraceptives, such as an intrauterine device (IUD) or birth control pills, you may be curious about what happens when you put an end to using them. Typically, it can take quite a few months to become pregnant. At the same time, other pregnant women have said that as soon as they stopped using forms of birth control, they reported becoming pregnant shortly after. Keep in mind that this is out of the ordinary. If you are having a challenging time getting pregnant, rest in ease by knowing that you are not alone.

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What Are the Odds of Having Twins

Seeking assistance from a medical provider, when trying to get pregnant after using contraceptives, can provide additional insight on ways that may help in financially conceiving your twin babies. There is a heightened chance of becoming pregnant with fertility treatments. Odds of having twins or triplets is much greater when using fertility drugs or in vetro fertilization (IVF).

When you are having difficult times becoming pregnant, your doctor may advise you to try fertility treatments. By using fertility treatments, it can produce a higher chance of becoming pregnant with twins. Many women have a healthy and successful pregnancy after using these treatments. Doctors are more inclined to inform you that there is a high chance of conceiving boy and girl fraternal twins. Identical twins are less likely to happen, when using fertility pills and treatments.

Types of Twin Pregnancy

New moms of twins may wonder how they can discover the types of twins that they are carrying. Twins of parents are excited to learn if they are expecting identical or fraternal twins. Your medical professional may be able to see two separate sacs during the twin ultrasound. This can happen around 12 weeks of gestation. During the check-up ultrasound, your physician may be able to see two separate sacks. Many times, this can indicate that you are carrying fraternal twins. While pregnant with either fraternal or identical, here are some examples of various situations that may occur when pregnant with twin babies.

Monochorionic diamniotic twins (MCDA) share a womb and share a blood supply. These siblings come about from one fertilized egg that splits into two. Though MCDA twins share a lot, including the fact that they twins share a placenta, they do have their own amniotic sacs. Each of their blood vessels plug into the solo placenta.

Proper nutrition is distributed to each twin baby so that they may continue to grow. Your medical caregiver will closely monitor MCDA twins, just like caring for other types of twins. Continue to attend your check-ups, including having ultrasounds performed to monitor your growing twins.

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Similar to MCDA twins, monochorionic monoamniotic (MoMo) twins are identical twins and share one placenta. MoMo twins come from the splitting of one fertilized egg, which means that they are more than likely to be same-sex twins. The difference between MCDA and MoMo twins is that MoMo twins share an amniotic sac. Unfortunately, MoMo twins have a higher chance of getting tangled up among their umbilical cords.

Labeled as either identical or fraternal sets of twins, dichorionic twins are a different set of twins. Dichorionic twins have separate amniotic sacs that are not joined together with their twin siblings. They, also, have their own placentas to receive nutrients from. Many identical twins are considered to be dichorionic twins.

Nearing the Date of Delivery

Your doctor will closely track the progress of your twin babies, along with your well-being. When it comes to identical twins, twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS). This happens when the twin siblings share one placenta. The blood vessels that are connected to the placenta can disproportionately be distributed more to one twin than to the other. A lower blood supply can affect both twins.

One receives more than its twin, while the other is not receiving enough to successfully grow and may affect how long the babies can be carried. If needed, your medical professional may need to schedule for an earlier delivery date to keep you and your twin babies safe.

The good news is that the birth rate of twins has increased since the 1980s. Successful pregnancies involving multiples are on the rise due to medical advancements. Medical advancements, including IVF and other fertility treatments, have been moving forward in progression with successful treatments and conceiving twins. Attending medical appointments and listening to your doctor aids in the arrival of your twins.

It is important to stay informed and to keep your labor and delivery caregivers informed of what you envision for a successful delivery. Use your twin mom intuition to tap into that you feel will be best for you and your growing family. Trust your medical physician and all that you have studied.

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Multiple Pregnancy: We Have More Resources For You

After having a successful conception of twin babies, whether naturally or through fertility treatments, you may wonder what you can expect when pregnant with your twins. Take time to educate yourself to give you a better piece of mind. Learning the different types of twins, along with communicating with your doctor, will help you to feel confident as you prepare for the arrival of your twins.

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