How to Plan the Best Twin Announcement?

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You’ve just learnt that you are expecting twins and can’t wait to share the amazing news with everyone. But why don’t you first take a step back and have a good think about how you want to make your twin announcement. At the end of the day, this is the news of the year, maybe even the century, in your family, so you want to make it extra special.

If you’re feeling quite stuck in terms of your twin pregnancy announcement ideas or you just don’t know where to start from, then this article is just what you need. Stay tuned for our unique twin announcement and twin gender reveal ideas, and get ready to leave everyone speechless.

When to Start Your Twin Announcement Plans?

So when is a good time to start preparing for your twin baby announcement? Most likely you’ll find out that you’re expecting twins around week 6 – week 10 through ultrasound. You might also be wondering when you find out the gender of your twins. This information is likely to be revealed around week 10 – week 13 through blood tests performed to determine Down Syndrome, or in week 16 – week 18 through an ultrasound. 

This means that you can start your big twin birth announcements plans around week 15 – week 18 once you know the gender of your babies, as well.

when do you find out the gender of twins

Minted Twin Birth Announcement

Now on to the nitty-gritty of your twin announcement preparations. 

Considering the current global situation where organizing big gatherings is hard to plan, you might want to opt for a digital pregnancy announcement.

For that purpose, Minted is a great website where you can find an array of Minted twin birth announcement templates designed by independent artists, and send them directly to your friends and family, or print them out and send them via mail, if you want the twin announcement to be extra special.

Twin Announcement Cards

Apart from using Minted for your twin birth announcement cards, you can let your imagination run wild and invest time in some DIY twin announcement cards. 

To make your twin announcement cards super unique, why not take a fun picture of you, your partner and an indicator that you are expecting twins. All you have to do after that is print the photo on a card paper and write a cute message at the back before you send it out. Plus, you can post the photo on social media to let the whole world know that you will be proud twin parents very soon. There are tons of creative photo ideas you can play around with.

Creative Ways to Announce Your Twin Pregnancy

Here are our favorite twin announcement photo ideas that you can send via mail, email or post on social media:

  • Matching onesies photo. This one is a classic. You will need a pair of twins matching onesies with a catchy slogan which you and your partner can hold in front of the camera. The Miracle Onesie by TwinStuff is perfect for this. It’s slogan “Sometimes when you wish for a miracle – you get two” says it better than anyone. Plus, you get to keep the onesies for your newborn twins and will always remember that very special moment
  • Matching bibs photo. Really similar to the matching onesies photo, all you will need for this is matching bibs, such as the Womb Mates Bibs by TwinStuff and your pretty faces on the photo.

best gifts for newborn twins

  • Cook up the news. What a better prop to use for your twin announcement than food? Get two donuts or cupcakes for you and your partner to hold in two plates and accompany them with two ultrasound pictures in your other hand. This makes for the perfect twin birth announcement cards
  • Bring out the festivity. Looking for something fun and glamorous? Well, you can never go wrong with balloons and banners. The Qttier It’s Twins Gold Glitter Banner is the perfect banner for your twin announcement photo. It takes just a few minutes to assemble the banner, and the letters are adjustable along the string. Plus, you can use the banner for your baby shower, as well
  • Quirky poem. Use a letter board to write a cute poem for your twin announcement and capture the moment. We love the Felt Letter Board 10×10, because it’s the perfect size for your stellar photo and it comes with both multi-sized and cursive letters to play around with

Twin Gender Reveal Ideas

If you wait long enough until you know the gender of your twins you can totally incorporate that into your twin announcements. As you can imagine, there are tons of ideas to choose from, so we’re going to give you some of the best themed twin gender reveal ideas.

twin registry must-haves

Our favorites:

  • Make it spectacular. Use colorful powder cannons in pink and blue to reveal the gender of your twins. These are perfect for parties and for creating awesome gender reveal photos. You can find those anywhere online
  • Two-layer gender reveal cake. A cake idea is usually the best idea. Make or order a custom cake with colored layers of sponge on the inside that reveal the gender of your babies. Pink and blue layers are used for boy/girl twins, and one color for same gender twins.
  • Teddy bear reveal. Use two teddy bears each holding ultrasound pictures of each twin. If it’s hard to tell the twins’ gender from the scan photos, you can add colored ribbons to the teddy bears to reveal the gender of your twins. Alternatively, you can get ready-made gender reveal teddy bears. If you’re expecting girls twin babies, for example, you can buy two of these super cute GUND It’s a Girl T-Shirt Teddy Bear Stuffed Animal in pink, which will stay in your memory box forever, or can turn into your twins’ favorite toy (or yours)

Expecting Twins? Have Fun with your Twin Announcement

The best part of any twin pregnancy is the twin announcement in front of all your friends and family. In order to share the great news in a spectacular fashion you need to plan a stellar twin announcement. For that purpose you can use twin announcement cards, which you can send via email, mail or post on social media. Alternatively, you can make a funky DIY twin announcement card using fun props, such as matching onesies or bibs, a banner, a letter board, or even your pets. Plus, you can use that moment to reveal the gender of your twins.


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