The Perks of Having a Twin Baby Pregnancy

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Infertility happens to many women, but plenty chose not to talk about it. Between miscarriages and unable to conceive, women feel discouraged and heartbroken. If you are at that point, or are now pregnant with twins, TwinStuff is here for you. We only provide you with reliable information, support within our TwinStuff Facebook Group, and quality product recommendations for pre-conception and beyond.

When you are ready to conceive, you may wonder what happens when you stop taking contraceptives such as an intrauterine device (IUD) or birth control pills. Commonly, it takes months for a woman to become pregnant after she stops the use of their contraceptives.

If you are currently in that position, find comfort in knowing you are not alone. It is rare for women to find out they are pregnant while using a form of birth control, or to become immediately pregnant within a month of no longer using a pregnancy preventative.

Statistics of Twins After Mirena and Other Contraceptives

When trying to get pregnant after stopping the use of Mirena, or other brands of intrauterine system (IUS) with progestogen, statistics from studies dating between 1985 to 2017 shows there was a good chance of conception within a group of over 14,000 women. Of the group, over 80% of women were pregnant within one year.

The outcomes were based upon both hormonal contraceptives and IUS used by the women within the study. Overall, it is best for women to consult their physicians on stopping the use of contraceptives and prenatal care. The chances of getting pregnant with a singleton, twins, or triplets is equally likely when compared to women who never used Mirena or other contraceptives.

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Possibility of Twin Pregnancy with Fertility Treatments

Regardless of not using contraceptives or stopping the use of IUS and other pregnancy preventatives; some women can experience a difficult time conceiving. Doctors may suggest using fertility pills or in vetro fertilization (IVF) for their patients. Using these fertility treatments may produce a higher chance of becoming pregnant with twins. Many women have a healthy and successful pregnancy after IUD removal, twins are just as likely if a woman never used an IUD.

For women who are having a challenging time conceiving, IVF may be helpful in having a successful pregnancy. Doctors tend to inform their patients of the high probability of using IVF,  twins chances of boy and girl fraternal twins is likely to happen. Identical twins are less likely to happen, when compared to being pregnant with fraternal twins.

Expecting Identical or Fraternal Twins

How do women find out if they are carrying twins that are identical or fraternal? Around 12 weeks of gestation, you may receive a positive pregnancy test revealing a measurable trace of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). An ultrasound is likely to be conducted, showing that you are expecting twins.

During the twin ultrasound, your physician may see two separate sacks. Typically, this represents fraternal twins. Identical twins are not as likely, compared to being pregnant with fraternal twins.       

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Your Twin Baby Pregnancy Journey

Knowing you are expecting twins can be extremely exciting, whether you were able to conceive in a short amount of time or if you have been trying for a long time. Having a healthy and happy twin baby pregnancy is every mom’s dream come true. Watching what you eat allows you to have a healthy weight gain during your twin pregnancy. For some great meal options, check out Real Food for Pregnancy.

In it, you will discover delicious dishes for you and your babies. Not only are you helping your babies within the womb, but for all of their lives. What you consume is split amongst your babies. Help them, and yourself, by starting off with a clean eating lifestyle.

Not only are your twin babies growing, but so is your beautiful belly. Help your posture and pelvis by wearing a pregnancy band. This aids in alleviating pressure on your spine and pelvic bone. A pregnancy belly support band hides discreetly under maternity clothes, keeping you comfortable and feeling your best.

While your belly grows, be sure to moisturize it to ease stretch marks. A product, such as Burt’s Bee’s Mama Bee Belly Butter, offers comfort and relief from any itchiness you may be experiencing. Being free of fragrance means that it safely moisturizes your skin during and after pregnancy. Moms who had a cesarean section (c-section), rave about using lotion for sensitive skin to aid in comforting healing skin.

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Getting Ready for the Delivery Day

Prepare for the arrival of your twin babies by packing your overnight bag with necessities you will want to have on the big day. Items to pack include adorable onesies, burp cloths, organic cotton bibs, change of clothes, hair brush, toothbrush, hair ties and socks are just a few essentials to have on hand. A postpartum kit has many of the must-haves grouped together in one convenient set.

For the ride home with your twin babies, you will need to have the car seats inside of the vehicle. At the hospital, a staff member may need to see the seat prior to taking your babies’ home. They will want to be sure that your babies are safely positioned inside of the car seat. If there is a gap, car seat support paddings are ideal in helping to keep your babies secure and safe.

Pregnant With Twins: What to Expect

A twin baby pregnancy is exciting and overwhelming. Studying up on what to expect and changing some daily routines helps to ease some anxieties. For additional tips and products, click on your bookmark tab to add TwinStuff. Our website includes suggestions and insights from experienced parents and other knowledgeable staff members within the twin community.

Be sure to join in on discussions posted within our TwinStuff Facebook Group. There you have additional support and encouragement from other moms and women experiencing similar situations that you may be experiencing. The extra support provides you with a peace of mind that allows you to enjoy the perks of having a twin pregnancy.

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