Favorite Twin Breastfeeding Pillow and Extras to Help Moms and Babies

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Preparing for breastfeeding twins may look overwhelming. Having the right supplies will make it much easier and more comfortable than you may think. Where can you find the necessary items to help make twin feeding times easier? Look no further, as TwinStuff has gathered amazing findings of all things you will want and need!

We asked experienced moms, who breastfed their twins, to tell us what products helped them with feeding their newborns. They provided tips and suggestions for us to research and to pass along the information to you! From breastfeeding to bottle feeding, we have you covered with quality goods to help you stay relaxed while you tandem nurse your twin babies.

Twin Breastfeeding Pillow: Getting Ready

Get ready to breastfeed your twins by thinking of where you will be the most comfortable to nurse your twins at home. Have two, or more, locations in mind. Typically, moms prefer to breastfeed in their bedroom, the nursery, along with the living room. By having designated spaces to nurse your twins, requires having a twin breastfeeding pillow in every room. The last thing that you want to do is to carry pillows and accessories around your home. Here are the top picks of preferred supportive nursing pillows to have on your registry, in anticipation of breastfeeding your newborn twin babies.

Twin Breastfeeding Positions

My Brest Friend Supportive Nursing Pillow for Twins – $69.99

There are plenty of singleton breastfeeding pillows, but there are only a few nursing pillows that provide superb support for moms and her twins. My Brest Friend realized that a quality twin breastfeeding pillow was an in-demand necessity. My Brest Friend nursing pillow helps moms by stopping the need to grab a couple of pillows or blankets and being uncomfortable. Shifting or moving can cause babies to stop nursing earlier than intended.

This nursing pillow for twins will help in preventing fatigue and frustration. The pillow comfortably wraps around you, encouraging you to have better posture. My Brest Friend twin nursing pillow supports your back and neck. As an added bonus, a pocket is built-in to the fabric and is capable of holding water bottles that are perfectly within your reach.  

Twin Z Pillow with Teal Cover and Travel Bag – $129.99

Another option in twin nursing pillows for breastfeeding your babies is the Twin Z pillow. This multi-tasking pillow can be used in six different ways. It helps with tandem breastfeeding and when you are ready to bottle feed your twin babies. The Twin Z Pillow assists tummy time and supports your growing twins when they are sitting up by themselves. Especially for you, it can be used as a pregnancy support pillow to snuggle up with when resting during a much-deserved nap.  

Not only does Twin Z care for you and your growing family, but they also care for the environment. The Twin Z pillow is free of led, chemicals, and foam. It is hypoallergenic with no funky smell.

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Boppy Original Nursing Pillow and Positioner – $39.79

If you do a lot of traveling, and intend to do such after the twins arrive, using a Boppy twin breastfeeding pillow provides comfort to you and your babies when you are away from home. Using a nursing pillow for a single baby can easily work for nursing twins. It will be a bit more cramped, but a Boppy feeding pillow provides ample support for single feedings. If you plan on tandem feeding your twins while traveling, it will require more work from you to hold onto your wiggly babies.

A perk of having a Boppy nursing pillow is that it can provide comfort to friends and family, who are there to help you feed the twins. This is ideal for bottle feedings. On your twin baby gift registry, we recommend that you ask for two Boppy nursing pillows. One for you to use when taking a trip or when at home, and the other pillow to be used by people helping you to bottle feed your precious babies.

Breastfeeding Accessories

Essential accessories to help you in nursing your twins are bottles, burp cloths, pumps, twin-themed bibs, back cushion, nursing stool, lactation supplements, nipple cream, nipple therapy packs, and nursing covers. Here are a few of our favorites that you will want to have. These will make wonderful twin baby gift shower gifts, too.

Baby Carrier and Breastfeeding Cover – $9.99

Babies can get distracted when nursing. Give your babies privacy while breastfeeding with this adorable, multi-functional, cover. Stretchy, breathable, fabric protects your babies when they are in their carriers. They can be used as liners for grocery shopping carts, too! Register for two of these, so that you have one for each of your twin babies.

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Organic Burp Cloths – $21.96

Protect clothing by having a burp cloth within reach. Tossing a burp cloth on each shoulder can help to catch any baby spit up that may happen during feedings. Made of 100% organic cotton, this five pack of soft cloths can be placed into the washing machine and reused again.

Organic Nipple Butter Breastfeeding Cream – $11.04

Earth Mama created a cream for dry or cracked nipples. Organic herbs and beeswax create a soothing butter formula for nursing mamas. There is no need to wash off the cream prior to breastfeeding, as it does not contain harmful or synthetic ingredients. You can put some of this cream on your nipples when having to pump.

More About Breastfeeding your Twins

Twin breastfeeding is a special bonding time between you and your babies. Remember to add your favorite twin breastfeeding pillow, set of bottles, twin bibs, twin onesies, and additional necessities onto your twin baby shower registry. You will want to have enough pillows and accessories for any room that you plan on twin feeding your newborns. For additional popular essentials and suggestions, be sure to stay up to date by joining our TwinStuff Facebook Group. Within the online group, there are other twin moms that come together and offer support and ideas on how to breastfeed twin babies. 


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