Having a Vaginal Twin Birth After IVF Treatments

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There are plenty of people who have tried numerous times to become pregnant with zero success. Time and time again, hopes come up then emotions crash downwards as they discover they are not pregnant with twins or single babies. Thankfully, there are many fertility treatments to help improve the chance of becoming pregnant.

Let alone utilizing in vitro fertilization (IVF) to increase the odds of having twins. Misconceptions arise that moms who utilize fertility treatments are unable to have a vaginal twin birth. TwinStuff is here to put some of those mistaken beliefs to rest with some good news for expectant moms of twins.

Twin Talk from IVF Pregnancy: Vaginal Birth of Twins

As you read this, you may or may not be pregnant with twins. Perhaps you are discovering additional information prior to utilizing IVF as a fertility treatment. You may be wondering         what are the odds of having twins, or how to get pregnant with twins, when using IVF treatments.

Utilizing these treatments provide you with a better chance of getting pregnant with twins. There are multiple success stories of women who receive the great news of expecting twins, as IVF utilizes more than one egg to fertilize due to the overall cost of the treatments.

when do you find out the gender of twins

It’s a good idea to speak openly with your medical doctors and confirm with them of the increased probability of having twins through IVF treatments. With or without fertility twins, you may ask about the chances of fraternal or identical twins through treatments. You may wonder, are twins genetic and possible without IVF treatments. Yes, genetics can play a part in having twins. Through the use of IVF, the chances of boy and girl fraternal twins is likely to happen. Identical twins are less likely to happen, when compared to being pregnant with fraternal twins.

Factors of Twin Pregnancies: Can You Give Birth To Twins Naturally

Carrying two babies at one time does increase the likelihood of having a higher chance of complications, compared to carrying a single baby. Discovering that you are pregnant with twins, you will hear the label of being “high risk” during conversations between you and your medical professionals. Do not be overwhelmed with the label as it is simply implying that you will be scheduled in for more doctor appointments, than other pregnant moms of singletons.

There may be times where you feel overpowered with the multiple doctor appointments. Attending each and every of your appointments is crucial for the health and well-being of you and your precious twins baby.

Vaginal Twin Birth

A helpful piece of advice from our online TwinStuff Facebook Group is to book your doctor appointments on the same day of the week. Regular check-up appointments with your OB/GYN, primary care physician or midwife can be booked on Wednesdays. Your high-risk appointments can be scheduled for Thursdays. Staying consistent allows you to have a better grasp on things, along with utilizing an online planner or calendar app.

When carrying twins, you will discover that there are twins 2 majors that can happen. Dizygotic (fraternal) twins and monozygotic (identical) twins lead to five subcategories of twins. Expectant parents of twins are surprised to learn of the kinds of twins that are possible when preparing for the arrival of their newborn twins.

Self-Care is Key for a Smooth Pregnancy

Pre-natal vitamins provide the much-needed nutrition for your growing twin babies. Adequate supplements of folic acid and iron help the developments of your twins. Absorbing the nutrients aid in the progress of your twins’ nervous system, brain, eyes and bones.

Having aches and pains throughout your twin pregnancy is normal. Some ways to help ease the pregnancy discomfort is by taking an Epsom salt bath. Soaking in the bathtub allows you to relax, while alleviating the pressure on your joints and growing belly.

Back pain is another common complaint from many expectant moms of twins. A belly band wrap, or a quality pregnancy belt, can help to reduce the pressure of carrying your twin babies. Trying your best to maintain proper posture helps in stopping over curvature of your spine, causing issues years after delivering your twin babies. Taking care of yourself increases your chances of reaching the covenant 37 weeks.

paternal vs maternal twins

Vaginal Twin Birth or Cesarean Birth of Twins

You may be thinking if you can have a Vaginal Twin Birth. Surprisingly, it is possible. When planning to have your twin babies born vaginally, it is best to plan on giving birth in a hospital. The hospital should be adequately equipped with all of the necessities for the arrival of your twins. Twin A will have their own medical team, anticipating the arrival, whilst Twin B will have their own team on standby.

During your doctor visits, your medical professional will be closely monitoring the progress of your growing babies, along with your health and wellness. For a Vaginal Twin Birth, Twin A will need to be in the head down position.

When your doctor says it is time to deliver, you will be moved to the operating room. This is a precautionary step in case plans change at the last minute and your doctor will need to perform a life-saving cesarean section (C-section). It may not be the ideal situation, but it is best for your safety and the wellness of your twin babies. Listen to your medical team, as they will instruct you on when to push, as your babies will be monitored via the ultrasound machine.

More Resources To Guide You About Your Concerns About Twins Pregnancy

Soon, you will be holding your sweet newborn twins in your arms and basking in the accomplishment of having a vaginal twin birth. Stock up on adorable 100% organic cotton onesies and bibs to dress your babies. Until that time, follow along with informative blog posts on our TwinStuff website. We cover everything from great twin baby shower ideas to what to have in your overnight bag.

Join our TwinStuff Facebook Group to chat and meet other parents of twins who are experiencing similar moments you may be experiencing. You will enjoy the positive environment along with relatable twin content.

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